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Needs a self cleaning car
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Eight Months Later

It's been a shade over eight months since a gent from the GTROC drove off in my R33 GT-R. One of the strangest feelings watching 'my' car disappear down the road, turn left and it was gone. Since then he's sorted the bits I couldn't afford, and made the car his own.

But back in the land of 'just traffic'...

Now, to bring the story up to date, I spent a month without a car, considered several cheap coupe options, but eventually decided that any coupe I could afford would be inferior and end up getting me killed - late one night I'd have a Skyline moment, and the very non-Skyline I was driving would let me down catastrophically.

Also, I found that I just wasn't prepared to part with the cash for a GTS 25t, much as I'd owned one for three years before the GT-R.

So I went for something completely different, a twelve year old Nissan Terrano II, the LWB 2.4 petrol version with a manual box. A friend had one & when I sat down & thought, it was the only car I had been comfortable in outside of a R33 Skyline.

But back to the theme of the post... Our favourite addiction...

It's interesting to note the little dependencies that came with Skyline ownership and that take a while to fade.

* The paranoia over every little noise while driving was the first to yield to the Terrano's rather industrial range of noises.
* The ability to corner at ridiculous speeds. Thank f*** for the huge ground clearance, because I had a couple of kerb climbing moments until the lesson finally sank in.
* The road scanning caution, looking for potholes or anything higher than a fag packet that would annihilate my splitter has merely receded. The unconscious monitoring of the terrain is a good thing, I feel.
* The shopping list of mods yet to do is not missed.
* The worry over the next thing to wear out, invariably when funds were low, is similarly unmourned.
* The knowledge that parts are reasonable prices, have OEM alternatives that won't destroy all your good work and only cost a fraction of the Nissan equivalent is nice.
* The addiction to insane speed. That's an excellent casualty, extending my life and that of the unknown & unmet unfortunates who's demise would have been my tariff when the hounds came for my soul.

But the biggest thing I am happy to be rid of is the attitude.

I know all the data, the speed versus reaction time, the correct way to conduct oneself in traffic, the fundamental understanding of appropriate speed for the road conditions, and so on, ad nauseam.

But in the Skyline, I did not care. It was irrelevant mental chaff lost in the visceral, arrogant pleasure. "Get out of my f***ing way, peon." etc. Not good and destined for a fall.

Which these days would be jail time, a four figure fine, a criminal record and/or multiple vehicular homicide and potentially a spectacular suicide that would get me mentioned in the local papers.

I just cannot see the situation on Britain's roads getting better. The trials of the unlimited SPECS equivalent systems and other little details make me think I parted with the car at the right time. The day of the 'hardcore road warrior' (or similar macho romanticism tinged tags) are long gone, and will never return. Driving sensibly to your track day or similar will increasingly become the norm for those who need to let their petrolhead run loose.

The pleasure of ownership will never fade, but the twinge of forehead slapping embarrassment over the money I spent when I quite frankly could not afford it I hope will remain with me for a very long time.

So, would I come back to R33 GT-R ownership? Only if I reach a situation where I can genuinely afford to run one honestly (no lies to self, partner or bank ) as my second car.

As for a new GT-R, it seems to me that the Nissan RRP is a loss leader, and they recoup via maintenance & parts charging. So I'll not be having one of them unless I can get one as a company car

So, you folks have fun. It's going to be a while before I'm back.
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I don't do twisties!!
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Mate, that's a great read, love your style and honesty
I envy you, I really truely do. I honestly find myself wanting to sell up and get out now, but I'm too scared that I'll miss out whilst my friends around me carry on enjoying the things we do and I'll just be a sad late 30s fat bloke who just works and has no hobbies
2008 Pro street drag series - Street class winner
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MY SKYLINE IS SOLD - Life is shit!!!!
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Old 02-06-2010, 02:01 AM   #3
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I look at it this way, our skyline costs me no more to run than any other car that we currently have or have had, try running a turbo technics sierra ... dear god!!!
in fact it's better on fuel than my mk3 vr6, it's easy to fix, parts are cheap compaired to new cars and in total it's cost us less than a new euro shite box, it makes us laugh and smile every time we drive it and it ticks the boxes we need ticking ;)
Golf membership at a decent club is 600+ quid per year and you have to wear stupid trousers and it's a waste of a good walk lol so I'll stick to the Nissan
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God I enjoyed that read. And I cannot get it to sit in my sig...
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awesome read last skyline i sold i regretted it badly i normally only have a car for a few months tried the wrx gto 300 blah blah then got a skylne i am now on my 4th so to me the best cars i have owned by far and scared to sell because i know nothing will better my r33
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Always sideways
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I missed the Skyline and couldn't wait to get back, even though I was worried I might be disappointed...until I bought my GTR!
I like children. Couldn't eat a whole one though.

My new Skyline
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Streeto ftw!!
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yeh the minute i sold my r33 earlier this year i could have cried lol had such a spec for the price but i really needed the cash at the time i hung onto it for aslong as i could!
got to do it alll again now on my 34
Lookin for a skidder!
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I drive my little golf gt tdi every day and love, no worries, no hassle no fuss but come the weekend and I go off and rag the assssse off my GTR round a track...brilliant lol.
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hi m8 can see where yr coming from had r33 8yrs now one point had 9 points and talk about having to re take driving test { would i ever pass again lol}but i still love that car just dont drive as mutch these days and Labours war against the car is over happy days good luck to you hope your back soon cheers john
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good read and i did try another car for a while after my last skyline pasted away..but another cars dont do it...No Matter about the money the skyline is the only car that can put a smile onto your face for the price they cost etc...

we might end up spending a bloody fortune on them but its worth every bloody penny !!
Skyline number 3 is away to a new owner, and I've moved on and bought myself skyline number 4 a 350gt skyline with manual box..

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mine went last night im out of work so it had to go. part exd for a clio and some cash my way. Im totaly and utterly gutted but rl be back.
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Originally Posted by jae View Post
* The paranoia over every little noise while driving.....
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