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R33 Gtst decisions

Well I have came to crossroads in my Skyline owner lifetime.

I have spent a few bob on my R33 Gtst from respray to:
Link G4 ECU
650 bhp Rated AET Hybrid Turbo
750cc Nismo injectors
Oil cooler
Stage 2 Competition Clutch & lightweight flywheel
Fuel pump
Turbosmart fuel regulator
Arp stud head kit
Splitfire coilpacks
Rota Grids.

I was going for a safe 440 bhp on standard internals, however during mapping found out that cylinders 1 and 2 are louder than the other 4. No point in increasing power and blowing up all my hard earned cash!!
Whilst I have stored her in the garage I noticed a patch of bubbling on the paint work (respray was 3 years ago). Totally disheartened as I was wanting to store her and save up ovee the next year or 2 to get the cash but I now feel like selling is the option. My Wife has been so understanding and has told me to take out a loan and repair it all now.

My question is, Is it worth it?
Are R33 Gtsts going to appreciate in money over the years ( especially with America opening up to Skylines)

or do I sell/break my car and use a loan to buy an R33 Gtr that might/might not need work and hooe these appreciate alot more.

I love my car but I have no idea what to do!!!

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The answer to this kind of question is always based on two fundamentals:

1) Can YOU live with the financial losses you will encounter during ownership:
You will never make the money spent back on any car you modify as a general rule of thumb, you will however make more back if you return it to the stock version and sell off the upgraded parts. (Experience and Historical Trends).

2) Is it worth it to YOU.
When you think back on the course of ownership and the pleasure you have had out of it, is it worth making better and enjoying for longer? Does the financial aspect matter at all given the fun factor and smiles per gallon?

I'd mull them over a little before rushing into a decision you may regret later down the line.

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Niz has pretty much hit the nail on the head there.

These things can take a lot of money to restore properly and even more time

By the sounds of it you're going to have to do an engine rebuild and start into rust repairs aswell which is where things can spiral out of control.

As for a return on investment, good gtsts are worth a bit of money in my opinion, most for sale at the moment are stage 1 cars or are in bad shape bodywork wise so their values will be lower, gtr's however are increasing in value but I wouldn't be relying o to the American Market for r33's, they're obsessed with the r34 and as a result will Likley hold out for a few more years in order to buy them instead
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Glasgow GTST
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Good points guys, I feel I can generally afford the monthly outlay as long as my everyday Civic runs for years to come as I have paid it off. Effectively the loan would be the cost I would spend on monthly payments for a new car.

I love my Skyline and have always wanted once since I was a kid. My priority has always been to get it into top shape and have fun at the weekends with it. There is no better feeling than going a drive with the tunes on and having random folk talk to you about the car. I am often to sensible when it comes to money and thats why I am seriously considering ALL options.
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Old 14-06-2018, 09:23 PM   #5
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I've questioned the value of gtst to gtr and increase in the gtst value but end of the day I love my R33 gtst and it's not about what it's worth as I don't plan on selling that... leave that to the ones who buy them as money makers not enjoyment cars.
You've had the car a while and love it so get engine rebuilt and keep enjoying it.
If your handy with the tools rebuild it yourself or buy a forged engine from a reliable source and swap it over and off you go.
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I was recently in a similar situation and opted for the "fix it" route which involved rebuilding and forging the engine on a gts-t, alongside that the car has about 30k worth of performance upgrades, all with genuine/highly respected parts

I'm now in a position where selling is not an option, and breaking it to sell would be heartbreaking, as such I'm forced to keep and pay to store it.

That being said, this is the most fun car I've ever driven, let alone owned and for me it's more an investment in having a car i know i can enjoy whenever it rolls out of the garage, something that turns heads and despite all of the "boat/not a gtr" comments, to me it's the perfect car for my budget and i know even if i got 30k back today for it, i couldn't afford nor would I want a high spec GTR , I wouldn't want a new car that looses its value over night and so... I would probably just buy and mod.. another 33 gtst, perhaps in black instead of white (before probably painting it white again)

bottom line is, if you're similar to me, you'll always find value in owning the car (as long as you keep it road worthy) however if the 33 isn't your childhood dream car, perhaps its time to pursue something else?
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I am too in the same situation, Iíll be keeping mine and rebuilding

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