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Skyline Owners Forum Rules
SkylineOwners.Com is a free site and is run by enthusiasts who are not paid to do so. Please respect the fact that the admin and moderators have a job to do.

The below rules are in addition the Terms of Service, and are made available to address specific areas of Forum use.

Please read and take note of the following rules:

1. Images and Content - Do not post images or content that is not suitable for this site. There is no age restriction on this site, so please only post material which would be suitable for a pre 9pm TV audience.

2. Swearing - Although there are swear filters, please do not excessively use derivatives or disguised swear words. The filters are there to filter this stuff out and are not an invitation to try and get around them.

3. Advertising - Please do not advertise a company or service in your signature or posts unless they are Authorised Traders. Only authorised traders can sell in the Traders forum. If you wish to become an authorised Trader, please see details here. The advertising forums are not for chit-chat, please do not make comment on items for sale if you have no intention to buy.

4. Private Sales - This is not ebay. If you are selling something, please make sure you list a price. Failure to do so will result in your item being remove! Please do not post links to E-Bay items. If you want to sell something, take the time and effort to create a complete For Sale post with a price.

Selling on behalf of other people is NOT permitted.

5. Bullying - Most of us here are grown up enough to get on nicely with each other, but some like to make life difficult for others. This could be in the shape of prejudice or targeting a specific user or social group. SkylineOwners.Com will not tolerate this.

6. Nonsense Posts - Please do not post for the sake of posting. People will enjoy a good joke, but a post with no meaning or interesting content is a waste of resources and other people's time.

7. Moderation - If a post you have made has been moderated, please live with it. Moderators do not edit posts for the fun of it and do not have time to justify themselves. Abuse towards SkylineOwners.Comís admin or moderators will not be tolerated.

8. Signatures - People are here to see content not your signature. For this reason, images have been disabled in signatures. Text may not contain advertising unless approved by the admin staff. Links to other club websites are not allowed, unless express permission is given from the owner or the administration team.

9. Do Not Bump Old Posts - It is not acceptable to "bump" old posts in order to bring them to the top of the forum. This confuses users and brings up old views of people which they would prefer to be left in the past or facts that just are not relevant anymore. If there is a genuine reason for bringing an old thread to the top then this is OK. Continued bumping of old posts will not be tolerated.

10. Unsocial Behaviour - Any form of dangerous or illegal driving IS NOT advocated by SkylineOwners.Com nor will it be tolerated. Any behaviour that brings the reputation of this site and it's affiliates into disrepute will not be tolerated.

11. New Members - In order to prevent spamming of the forum, new users will not have the ability to sell or swap in the forums until 100 posts

Enforcement of these rules will be at the discretion of the administrators and moderators. Punishment may range from an infraction or small ban, to a lifetime ban.

These rules are subject to change without warning.

All times are GMT +1. The time now is 05:49 PM.

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