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  5. need your advise
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  16. Bore wash
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  19. What should i expect
  20. Disaster
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  22. Nissan FAST
  23. R33 Power wire
  24. Just another misfire topic
  25. how to upload pics
  26. How to check ECU? or something else?
  27. Weird Stalling Issue With Rb25
  28. Tyres
  29. Is my number plate worth anything ?
  30. had some bits done
  31. Denso injector rebuild parts?
  32. Help anyone around the ashford kent area
  33. R34 fuel pump
  34. Weird intermittent misfire
  35. Toucan Touch Screen Display
  36. Gauges
  37. Bonnet lip?
  38. Mystery Package
  39. Engine block fitting sizes for turbo lines...
  40. HID's
  41. spree led
  42. Options for fitting gauges - PODS!!!
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  44. Skyline battery
  45. Fuel line
  46. Stagea doors
  47. Skyline Twin Plate Clutch Alignment
  48. opinions on ebc brake discs.. what do you use?
  49. Problem with my wiring/CAS??
  50. disc sizes on gtst
  51. How to find out the year/model of a skyline?
  52. R33 Windscreen replacement
  53. Aftermarket electric fan setup
  54. Got bored so i made a ghetto injector tester
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  57. Spare Coilpacks near birmingham / Tamworth..
  58. Ignition timing
  59. The extra mile.
  60. Discs and pads for r33 gtst
  61. Big thanks to Conceptua
  62. Crazy Tachometer fix (link)
  63. Stock boost and vacuum levels GTS-25T
  64. Part numbers
  65. missfire at vacuum
  66. Vacuum Line help
  67. Most reliable and best place to purchase a used Z32 Maf
  68. Would you say this alternator would fit?
  69. Getting back into ownership...
  70. gtr Shop
  71. Fuel help please
  72. Tyres protruding past arches
  73. R33 gtst strut mounts (pictures needed)
  74. silly little audio project :)
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  76. can someone please explain this??
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  80. Buying a R34 GT-T - Advice
  81. My mates 370Z, 557bhp
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  85. Free to good home
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  91. Moving on
  92. Hybrid turbo or not ?
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  94. Thoughts on my wheel choice ?
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  96. Stuck turbo nut
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  103. R32 conversion
  104. Northwest Welders
  105. Buying a skyline
  106. How to mark out wheel arches
  107. how to clean headlamps like new
  108. headlight adjustments (RHD to LHD)
  109. idle staying high for a while then dropping?
  110. Tuning Mitsubishi Evo power fc for RB25 engine
  111. big thanks to conceptua
  112. Turbo
  113. Compressor wheel?
  114. R32 GTR Speaker Replacement
  115. What's this thing hanging under the dash of my R32?
  116. J931CEV
  117. r33 gtst a behaving a little..... odd after exhaust mods?
  118. Nismo,Hks or other
  119. Possible semi breaking GTR32
  120. Help Identifying Rear Diff
  121. My old car?
  122. multi mode meter
  123. HR33 with RB25DET
  124. R33 or R32 gtst
  125. Picture assitance please
  126. Not impressed with front bumper
  127. ORC triple grinding noise, juddering not engaging, help!
  128. R33 Gts gtr side skirt
  129. Full mailbox!!
  130. Would anybody in the Sheffield area be able to have a look at a car for me?
  131. Turbo blanket good idea or not ?
  132. 'Ebay' turbo ? good/bad ?
  133. clutch slave bracket???
  134. Which exhaust manifold?
  135. p/s belt part no?
  136. Welder suggestions
  137. Coilpack loom wiring
  138. carbon fibre rear spats that wrap around the bumper?
  139. carbon canister removal question (with a twist)
  140. Find my old car
  141. Bushing Help (locations, which bushings)
  142. definitive answer on gtr bonnet on gtt
  143. What do you think of this car? looking to buy soon it's an r34
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  147. More running problems!!!
  148. Big tanks to Poirot/ Garage-D
  149. R33 gearbox rebuild in kent
  150. 1995-1998 R33? or did 1998 come in r34?
  151. CAR STOLEN!
  152. Calibrat...where is he?? someone knows him?
  153. Any of our traders sell silicone hose kits?
  154. R32 GTST wheel stud knurl size
  155. Any suggestions for my engine bay
  156. Where to find a R33 GTR power steering pump?
  157. anyone tried putting 350Z 17" wheels on a R33 GTR?
  158. Split fire coilpack colour r34 gtt?
  160. Bent Sill
  161. Can you identify my leaky pipe
  162. Clutch release bearing help!
  163. What oil???
  164. Remapping !!!
  165. Nistune Daughterboard Tuning Question
  166. rear discs
  167. engine bay dress up
  168. Skyline owners in Bournemouth
  169. intercooler cold side
  170. My new bit of kit
  171. My dilema - Which one to get?
  172. MY EXPERIENCE: Importing a car with JDM GARAGE
  173. whats a Power FC worth?
  174. Grill help needed
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  176. UBS Autos
  177. Ebay inlet manifold plenum
  178. 96 R33 gtst clutch issue
  179. gtst timing
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  187. Bride seat value help
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  189. R33 Gtst feels very slow lately
  190. car not going into gear when running
  191. Clutch Life
  192. Trouble Sourcing R32 Wiper Nozzles
  193. Saying hello
  194. contact with the original owner in Japan
  195. RB25DE Neo Gearbox?
  196. coil packs
  197. need info.. converting to rb25det OR rb25det neo
  198. Dodgy Ebay Turbos
  199. R32 GTR center gauge replacement.
  200. GTR spoiler fitment related questions
  202. R-32 Build questions
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  205. back bottom seat wont come off
  206. irritating intermittent misfire
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  221. Any one from here?
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  227. Hks filter
  228. GTT Blitz Nur Spec R
  229. What Splitter is this?
  230. Engine running when key removed
  231. Biggest most powerful starting battery you can fit in the standard tray?!
  232. Clutch alignment tool - Reading
  233. FAQ section updated.
  234. Lambda sensor, which is the signal wire.
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  236. RB25 swap.
  237. Help with identify
  238. Went to the F1 Austria today
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  244. stopped by police
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  247. Knight-Racer sideskirts perfect fitment!!!!!!
  248. I've lost my cat
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