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General Information

Engine Type: RB25Det Neo
Purchase Date: 0-00-00
Vehicle Mileage: 60000 Miles
Purchase Price: 0.00
Total Spent: 0.00
Nismo (Altia) Kitted R34 GTT Imported in 2013 60000miles on the clock. Standard as of day one.

The idea is to keep it as a daily, but with a bit of track use.

Since September 2013 - July 2016 ive so far done:
Carbon Fibre Bonnet,
Nismo Spoiler Legs,
Turbo back 3" exhaust, decat, HKS Silent HiPower Exhaust,
HKS Reloaded air filter,
Blueprint Coilpacks with Heat Range 7 NGK V grooved Sparks
Blitz turbo timer,
Vented FRP Wings,
Silicone induction joiners,
Silicone vacuum pipes,
Japspeed Return flow Intercooler,
Heat wrapped entire cold side intercooler piping and J pipe,
1.3bar radiator cap,
Walbro uprated fuel pump with direct feed rewire,
Greddy Profec Oled boost controller,
Apexi PowerFC w/ hand commander,
SuperPro Front upper camber bushes,
Driftworks adjustable arm kit with Hicas removal,
Steering rack bush replacement.
Stage 1 Hybrid Turbo,
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch (Organic),
NIsmo option Shocks and Springs (According to 'Norwich Nissan' the part numbers printed on the shocks dont match the OEM Part number for stock ride height but they have a listing for my ones as an optional part including a different spring part number)
18inch Work Miester alloys on Vredestein Vorti = 265/35x18 - 235/40x18.
A few other misc bits and pieces.

As of now im happy with the cars current Stage. I plan on more in the future, but not rushing.

Installed Front and Rear view motion sensitive cameras for track day videos and security. Alarm system with immobiliser, tilt and vibration sensor. Independant secondary immobiliser (im a little security mad lol).

Imported the car completely standard except the Turbo Timer. Everything else was my own blood sweat, tears and wallet lol.



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