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Showcase cover image for banzai g's 1996 NISSAN SKYLINE

General Information

Engine Type: 6 Cylinder Forced Induction
Vehicle Class: Sports
Purchase Date: 2007-06-00
Vehicle Mileage: 50 Miles
Purchase Price: £0.00 GBP
Total Spent: £0.00 GBP
TRUST 2.7L kit:
NISMO GT Engine cylinder Block (only 500 made )
TRUST forged billet full counter crank (balanced)
CARRILLO forged rods 22mm pins
TRUST 87mm forged pistons
ACL Race bearings
Trust deep pan sump
TRUST high flow oil pump
WKD Fully balanced and blueprinted bottom end
N1 water pump
TRUST Valve spring
Ported matched and polished head
Squish plates done to GT500 spec
24 New valve guides
New valve stem oil seals
Mines triple layer head baffles
TRUST Aluminium Pulley kit
NISMO Low Temp thermostat (62d)
TOMEI reinforcement bolt (crank)
TOMEI reinforcement bolt (cylinder)
TOMEI Metal Head Gasket 1.2mm
NISMO Intake plenum
SARD 1000cc Injector
TRUST Fuel delivery tube
NISMO big capacity Fuel pump
NISMO Air flow meters Twin X 2
TRUST Aluminium Intake pipe kit
TRUST Timing belt cover (clear)
TRUST reinforce Timing belt
TOMEI Adjust style pulley
Cat Cams responce cams 262 9.3/266 9.05
GARRETT gt2871r -10s (ported housings )
HKS actuators
Standard manifolds (ported to help spool )
TOMIE expreme extension pipes
TRUST Suction pipe
Power enterprise crank sprocket
WKD Oil cooler 16 layer
TRUST 3 layer Inter cooler
NISMO reinforce Engine mount kit (with mission)
SAMCO reinforce hose kit
SARD Sports Aluminium Radiator
HKS Twin power
TRUST Electric Fan x2
SARD Aluminium Tank (special order)
Oil catch tank
TRUST Blow of valve Type-R
Radiator hood (special order)
TOMEI Intake manifold Gasket
Silkolene pro s oil


OS Giken reinforce Input 5 speed close type
TRUST reinforce centre plate
EXEDY Hyper twin plate clutch
NISMO GT type Rear LSD 1,5way
TRUST Big capacity Diff cover
Transmission member collar
TRUST Carbon drive shaft
Redline shockproof oil


Apexi GT Front pipe
SARD Sports Catalyser
TRUST Full Titanium muffler


HKS Hyper Max Pro
TRUST 6POT Brake system kit (355)
TRUST 4POT Brake system kit (330)
NISMO Circuit link set
CUSCO Drag rod
Roll centre adjuster
Rear member collar
ARC Stabiliser (Front & Rear)


Volk racing CE28s 9.5x18+15
Dunlop 265/35/18

Body reinforce;

HKS Kansai refresh tower bar
HKS Kansai Abless bar (titanium)


TRUST Multi switch system
HKS Kansai Active ET-S controller
NISMO 3ream sub dials
NISMO clocks mph face (320km /11000rpm)
BLITZ Power meter SJ(Water temp/Oil Temp)
Trust boost guage
Trust oil pressure guage


TRUST Bumper spoiler(with under panel)
Carbon ganador wingmirrors
Carbon rear blade
SPEED GLASS Light weight Front Glass
CATZ HID Light system 6000k


Apexi Power FC
Greddy Profec B-spec 2 boost controller.


Approx 700hp 600ft/lb @1.7bar



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