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Showcase cover image for convert's 1972 FORD Capri

General Information

Engine Type: 8 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Vehicle Class: Grand Tourer
Purchase Date: 2003-06-11
Vehicle Mileage: 0 Miles
Purchase Price: £220.00 GBP
Total Spent: £0.00 GBP
MK1 ford capri
rover V8 3.5 litre
rebored 20 thou
cast high comp pistons (10.5:1)
SD1 heads (drops CR to 9.75:1) self ported, tlr50 springs (1 less coil to prevent binding) valve guide home shortened to avoid contact
viper typhoon cam
rhoads lifters
steel timing gears/chain
polished lifter gallery
vandervell bearings throughout (cam too)
arp main stud kit
arp big end bolts
sd1 front cover
high volume oil pump
non stick (tadpole) oil relief valve
remote oil filter/cooler combo
custom steel sump/oil pick up
reworked stock intake to fit weber 32/36 DGAV carb (ex 1600gt capri) manual choke conversion
OPus breakerless distributer
custom headers
P6 rocker covers
custom oil catch tank
custom 4" exhaudsts, look open but have silencers inside, also utilises a balance pipe
stock sd1 clutch
custom rover v8 auto bellhousing
stock 4 speed capri 3 litre trans
custom 1 piece prop
transit rad
vitara fan (thermostatic and overide switch)
single point plate nitrous system 75/100 bhp depending on how i feel! operated by button on wheel, and WOT switch

reliant scimitar rear axle, open diff, alloy rear cover

front stock 2.8i bilstein shocks, 1600xl springs (-1")
stock front brakes
rear stock shocks/springs
anti tramp slapper bars, reinforced to stop bending
stock rear reliant brakes (same size as capri)

interior stripped of carpet, sound deadening, heater, dash (most of it) door cards in alloy, alloy centre console for gauges
stock dash in fake wood
dash mounted tach
momo wheel modified for nitrous switch
cobra monaco buckets on modded capri runners
3 point harnesses

boot mounted 10ib nitrous bottle, modified for quick relase
bottle heater/thermostat
no spare wheel well, no spare wheel, jack, brace etc
battery in boot on nissan tray (maxima)
nos and battery mounted on passenger side to offset drivers weight
92 gallon per hour carter fuel pump

10x15 rear draglites with 265x50x15 cooper tyres
8x15 front draglites with 225x50x15 ditch finders

body has flared arches, custom adapted from escort mk1 bubbles
GRP wings, bootlid, bonnet, front panel and soon doors
bonnet a skin only held by pins
stock sealed beam headlights

and lots more ive forgotten by now!!



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