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General Information

Skyline R33 GTS-T
White and Black
Engine Type: Rb25de
Purchase Date: 2013-07-02
Vehicle Mileage: 120000 Miles
Purchase Price: 0.00
Total Spent: 0.00
Here is my Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Auto. When I bought her she was very much a box standard R33 so when I got her home I added a few bits,

Cat to Back Exhaust,
Blitz Auto Turbo Timer,
Warlboro 255 Fuel Pump,
Manual Boost Control,
Blow Off Valve,
Coil Over Kit,
New Front and Rear Discs and Pads,
Front and Rear Strut Bars,
Front Mount Intercooler,

I did a bit of cleaning up to her to as in changed the centre consol and steering wheel as the old ones where worn and tatty. I also changed the front headlights because the old ones where fogged up and didn't look nice at all.

I sent the wheels off to be refurbished, painted black and 4 new tyres put on them, then I added Transformer logos onto the wheel caps.

I also sent the cam shaft covers off to get painted red.

When I changed the manifold I found out that 4 bolts had been snapped in the past and not replaced just put back into place and unfotunatly I haven't got the time or funds to get these drilled out and replaced :-( everything has been put back onto the car and it is running but because of leaks the turbo isn't kicking in :-(



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