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General Information

gun metal
Engine Type: RB26DETT
Vehicle Class: Sports
Purchase Date: 2013-02-27
Vehicle Mileage: 71000 Kilometers
Purchase Price: 0.00
Total Spent: 0.00
RB26DETT 2.6L Inline Six:
This is an authentic GTR, not a GTT or GTS that's been made to look like a GTR! This is not a Kaizo or Motorex car, this is a street legal Skyline right out of Japan.

The turbos have been upgraded with those from a Skyline R34 N1 Edition (N1 Ball Bearing Turbos), Nismo 550cc injectors , Nismo Fuel pump, Nismo cams, hks up pipes & down pipes, hard pipes and decat, Nismo exhaust, 4" front mount intercooler, Apexi power FC, exedy double plate clutch, JUN sport carbon fiber hood, Ohlins 32 way fully adjustable suspension, front and rear Nismo swaybars and strut tower braces, Bride seats, and an electronic AWD eliminator allowing you to switch to RWD with a flip of a switch

This car is unbeliavable fast and even with everything I had heard and knew about them I was even more impressed when I took ownership of it. I have yet to run up against anything that can out run it, and it can even hang with bikes from a roll

Car's in great condition, and even has the original manufactorer inspection sticker from when it rolled off the assembly line in Japan making it even more of a collectors car



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