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Showcase cover image for TheWatch's 1996 NISSAN SKYLINE

General Information

Championship Blue
Engine Type: RB26DETT
Vehicle Class: Sports
Purchase Date: 2011-07-09
Vehicle Mileage: 98000 Kilometers
Purchase Price: 0.00
Total Spent: 0.00
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R LeMans Limited

It is in principle on first a GT-R (no-VSpec), which nevertheless is different from the "standard GT-R":
To honor the achievements of the skylines in Le Mans 1996 Nissan marketed a limited edition of 99 pieces edition of R33 referred to as "LM Limited", this based on the most fundamental on the VSpec model. There were produced 96 pieces in Championship Blue (BT2) and 3 pieces in white (QM1), up by 2 colors from the small selection of bright colors, which were only to the LM's reserved. To model selection, there were regular GT-R's and VSpec's (to my knowledge, the LM-VSpec has also about 40hp more power, so this closed the gap to the 400R, but also differences of the LM-GT-R, which is also based on the "standard" VSpec), they were avaiable for purchase since 21 may 1996 and at the end of july ​​the last orders were received.

Manufacturer Speclist:

- Front bumper with extra air intake
- Hood spoiler (Nismo)
- Carbon rear spoiler (carbon fiber reinforced plastic)
- Exclusive sticker on the C-pillar
- Twin airbags
- Recaro blue interior except steering wheel (red)
- Nismo LM GT1 18 "x10 (3-piece forged wheels by Rays Engineering)



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