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  1. a/c wont blow cold air

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    My A/c stops blowing cold while I'm driving. I bought the car this was way the person before me said it was charged and working but when he flushed the cooling system to get the heater working. he got the heat working but the A/c started to blow hot after. this is on a 1990 R32 GTS-t. should I...
  2. Does this look like a legit ac compressor?

    I found this ac compressor for my r32 gtst and I was wondering if anyone has bought anything from this site and can vouch for it. cwv617 car air conditioning auto ac compressor for nissan skyline R32 oem 506231 0094-in Air-conditioning Installation from Automobiles & Motorcycles on...
  3. R32 Aircon condenser, working or not

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for an R32 aircon condenser, should look something like this: I'm after either: One that's known good and not leaking, for a reasonable price or One that's not working, for free or near free, ideally locally (South Wales) The reason for the latter is I can then take it to a...