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  1. Servicing the autobox, R33

    Hi traders. I need the gasket which is located between the sump of the auto gearbox and the gearbox itself. The sump has to be removed in order to change the filter inside the auto transmission. The metal filter fitted inside could also be of interest, depending on price :) It's for a R33 GTST...
  2. R32 gtst AUTOMATIC gearbox

    Parts Wanted
    Help!!!! An after an r32 gtst AUTOMATIC gearbox, beeen on the hunt for the final piece to finish my project, hoping someone out there in the vast skyline world has one!! Also been told it can either be the turbo or non turbo gearbox to help widen the search!
  3. Auto Trans jerking

    AUSTRALIA MEMBERS FORUM i got a 33 auto, she seems to like to jerk, mainly in the mornings like when its cold. seems to jerk everytime it wants to change gear between 1st,2nd and third. now i always thought this was normal hence the really cold start up. but if no one else has this....i guess i...
  4. Idle Surge

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, nothing serious, but my R33 GTST Ser1 has an odd habit of raising the idle by 200rpm or so for no apparent reason. This wouldn't really notice on a manual, but as its an auto, when carpark manouvering it's sometimes enough to move the car faster than I want... could be embarassing if backing...
  5. R33 AUTO. 2L GTS STRAIGHT 6 Non Turbo "PROJECT" !!

    Projects and Restorations
    Hi, I've made a thread in the "Newbies Section".. Here's a LINK :- But have now decided to start a thread in the "Projects and Restorations" area :) ..I'll add a few pics from my last thread just to get you up to...
  6. possible purchase...thoughts???

    General am seriously considering this as a purchase...yes I know its an auto, but it is going to be used as a daily motorway commuter for my work....rb20de i assume...thoughts and advice welcome.....
  7. Automobiles&Animals + some random pics. (14 photos)

    The Photograpy Section
    Well, since I found a photography section here - I'll post some of my pics I shoot as a hobby when I get some inspiration :) Mainly I love cars and animals, but some random ocassional stuff as well.. Feel free to comment :cheers: Thanks for looking!
  8. After more speed in auto 34gtt

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey all I dont come on this site very often but hoping someone can help me out with their advice. I hope i got the right section. I'm a lil bored of the same power my car gives out. Simply after more up n go when i feel like putting the foot down. So far the car has coilovers, all hks pod...
  9. WTF Insurance Problems

    Insurance Deals
    Hi i am about to take on a Nissan Skyline on Sat on the log book it is registered as a 2.5 GTST Manual, but the engine actually fitted is the RB20DET Auto and it looks like this is the original one fitted. When i phone up or go online to get insurance qoutes it always lists GTS 2.5 turbo man or...