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  1. Taking Stock 96 GTS25T R33 To The Track

    Hi, next Friday I'm taking my fully stock setup to the track, I'm going to change the oil (penrite), maybe change trans fluid. It's only done 36,000ks. Is there any other tweaks I should be doing before hitting the track? It's an autobox. I've got a bit of money to play with, about...
  2. R33 auto problem - wont shift into 3rd and more

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys, Having a problem with my autobox I don't quite know how to fix. After having it stored for the winter my R33 is having some serious problems with its transmission. I went to start up the car, engine sounds and revs just fine, but it would hardly move when put into Drive. I checked the...
  3. Servicing the autobox, R33

    Hi traders. I need the gasket which is located between the sump of the auto gearbox and the gearbox itself. The sump has to be removed in order to change the filter inside the auto transmission. The metal filter fitted inside could also be of interest, depending on price :) It's for a R33 GTST...