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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys, I have a RB25DET which is coming out of my R33 GTST (as a RB30 is going in), does anyone know if the AWD adapter for an RB30 would fit onto a AWD sump? I have a R33 GTS4 which I'd like to put it into if possible as a race car Basically would an adapter for an RB30 work on a RB25, I...
  2. General
    Hey guys, Doing some more planning for my R34 build (have to have it all planned out before I can work out what way to do it). I am planning an amalgamation of two cars, one R33 GTS4 and one R34 GTT, to make it a 4WD R34. I'm having to do this in stages as money and legalities allow, and so I...