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  1. R33 gtr S1 Airbag light not turning on

    Can someone tell me if the airbag light is supposed to light up for a few seconds when turning the key? Mine is a dual front airbag edition r33 s1. Everything looks to be in good condition. Airbag bulb has just been replaced. But the light bever comes on. I cannot pass inspection without this...
  2. Purple R33 GTR Spoiler Blade

    Parts for Sale
    I'm selling my midnight purple R33 GTR (BCNR33) spoiler blade, due to fitting a carbon one. The spoiler has a stone chip in it, which is only visible when fitted underneath. It also has a lot of holes for different mounting options etc, so is ideal for any fitment or project. I'm looking for...
  3. Twin clutch needed

    Parts Wanted
    My clutch has gone and I'm in need of a clutch that can handle 550bhp. I'm not after a crap nackered one, as this is going into my everyday R33 GTR. So it needs to be in good condition with plenty of life left in the plates. Not from a drag car either. Cheers guys :) I've seen the HKS twin...