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  1. Parts for Sale
    I have some parts brand new in their boxes i bought for my R34 4wd build The cars near completion but i have lost interest in the build now and another cars caught my eye so i am selling everything off.. The car included so see the classifieds on here and pistonheads as of 4/2/2020 - Brand new...
    R32 parts compatability list Ok guys since the R32's are coming close to the 25yr importation exemption law, lets get a list of CONFIRMED compatible parts that you can get here in the states. RB26DETT engine: Oil Filter (95-98 240SX) CONFIRMED Z32 Fuel Filter (90-96 300ZX) pending... Chassis...
  3. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    Hey guys I'm in a bind and I need this car back on the road asap. The strut mount for one of my struts completely gave out. I need a new mount. Will a Z32 front strut mount fit on my bnr32?