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  1. Projects and Restorations
    As there are no proper rear arch replacements to be found for reasonable money, Does anyone know of a panel off another car that comes close so I can at least get it bodged?
  2. Parts Wanted
    Hi guys, as in the title I'm after an R32 GTR rolling shell, could be just the bare shell minus doors, front wings, bonnet, bumpers, wing mirrors, coilovers, gearbox. Must be solid underneath with no or very little rust! Been burnt on this forum buying a car that had supposedly very little rust...
  3. Boostjunkies
    Here we have a pack of 100 x 300mm long x 4.8mm wide cable ties Price £8.50 a pack with postage of £3.25 25 X GREEN 25 X PINK 25 X YELLOW 25 X ORANGE cheers Samy with FREE stickers :)
1-3 of 3 Results