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  1. Projects and Restorations
    Hey! I’ve been looking online for some time now and can’t seem to find anybody selling Genuine KN6 Dark Grey Pearl for the R33. My Car is OEM KN6 but I’m planning on getting a body kit for it and would like the paint to match. Anyone have any references or ideas ?
  2. General
    hey everyone, I have a 93 r33 gtst and wondering for body mods what other year r33's parts I could use.. what other years will fit? Thanks!
  3. General
    Hey, wondering if anyone knew where i could get ahold of a wide body kit for my 93 r33 gtst
  4. Parts Wanted
    Hi guys, as in the title I'm after an R32 GTR rolling shell, could be just the bare shell minus doors, front wings, bonnet, bumpers, wing mirrors, coilovers, gearbox. Must be solid underneath with no or very little rust! Been burnt on this forum buying a car that had supposedly very little rust...
  5. Fully Loaded Cars
    We have a Skyline coming in soon for a respray, good to see a member down here. Also we have one of these to build after the Skyline!
  6. Fully Loaded Cars
    Up until the end of June Fully Loaded Cars will be offering 15 % off all resprays. Here is an example of some of our work. Forgive the thumb over the lens lol White with blue pearl Mitsubishi full wide body conversion and respray. FTO full respray Custom carbon fiber look paint...
  7. Fully Loaded Cars
    The R334 Yokozuna wide body Kit for the R33 GTST or R33 GTR Skyline Designed by Fully Loaded Cars with perfection in mind. The body kit was made originally from sheet steel and then moulds were taken in fiberglass, so we can personally guarantee these body kits fit spot on, no inch over hangs...
1-7 of 7 Results