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  1. Parts for Sale
    i have a r33 spec 2 bonnet in black for sale. it came on my spec 1 and i am getting the correct one thats the reason for sale. the paint on the bonnet is damaged and seems to have been bent slightly on the drivers side front corner only noticeable up close. ideal for a drift car or someone...
  2. General
    I want to have 400r Rear arches (KLO) and the bonnet painted matt-black.. I've had much help from 'Davie' but dont want to keep bugging him with 'little errans' ;) .. If someone could please help me out here I'd be very grateful. Regards - Martin.
  3. Photoshop Forum
    I would like to see my car as it is now, but with a carbon bonnet (original) and also in 4D 'WET-LOOK' Carbon'...and again with KLO Silver ( ^ the same as the wings and doors) ...Sorry for asking for so much, But I wan't my R33 to look perfect and not at all Hal-fraud-sy :) ..and also add...
  4. Vendors
    Any of you traders out there know of the best way of getting a bonnet from point A to point B? or could anyone tell me the dimensions and weight of a standard R33 GTST S1 bonnet? Many thanks :)
  5. Knight Racer
    JUST ONE LEFT! Border Hybrid Carbon Bonnet for R33 GTS/GTSt Spec 2 RRP £650 + Shipping + VAT Website special £499.99 + Shipping + VAT THIS LAST ONE LEFT IN STOCK TO SO MEMBERS: £500 all in + FREE UK DELIVERY!
  6. Knight Racer
    Got 2 of these left in stock! RETAIL £650 + VAT Now only £550 all in, delivered within UK!!! shipping outside UK please pm me for quote :) TWO in stock available at this price only!
  7. Knight Racer
    only got 2x left in stock at this price! Grab a bargain while you can! Retail £599.99 + DELIVERY + VAT NOW ONLY £550 including free UK delivery and VAT.
  8. Knight Racer
    only got 2x left in stock at this price! Grab a bargain while you can! Retail £599.99 + DELIVERY + VAT NOW ONLY £550 including free UK delivery and VAT.
  9. Knight Racer
    ONE LEFT IN STOCK GOING CHEAP! This is HYBRID CARBON! Perfect fitment guaranteed! RRP £650.00 + VAT Current webside offer £599.99 + VAT PRICE to forum members NOW £500 all in! ONE AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE ONLY P&P £45.
  10. Knight Racer
    Hi guys! Here is a list of HYBRID CARBON Bonnets we have due to arrive mid January. Thought I better list them here as some of them have already been reserved and sold and here is what is available still.... All prices listed here INCLUDE VAT and FREE SHIPPING within UK (outside UK please pm me...
  11. Knight Racer
    ONE AVAILABLE ONLY! £450 and you can take it away! :) £35 postage and packaging within UK
  12. Knight Racer
    We wont be getting any more of these particular carbon bonnets in every again, so once these are gone, they are gone!! 1x R34 GTT NISMO Carbon Bonnet with undertray £450.00 1x R33 GTR NISMO Carbon Bonnet with undertray £450.00 1x R33 GTR TOP SECRET Carbon Bonnet £500.00 1x R34 GTR NISMO Carbon...
  13. Parts for Sale
    Hi Guys, As now my project has changed to include an R34 front end I know longer need my Genuine Seibon vented carbon bonnet. The bonnet looks like new as I have looked after it, no chips, scratches dents. The aerocatches were fitted by myself and look perfect and will be included. The sticker...
  14. Knight Racer
    After months of waiting, our container of bonnets has finally arrived. All we've been doing for the past 2 days was sorting and dispatching bonnets ordered over the past months. And here's what's available up for grabs! 2x R32 NISMO HYBRID Carbon Bonnet £550 (RRP £650) - 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT...
  15. Knight Racer
    Got 2 of these available. They are regular Carbon, not our HYBRID CARBON. But are still very good quality regular carbon bonnets. Here are photos: £450 + shipping 2 available only! :)
  16. Knight Racer
    Here's a taste of some of the offers we have for this summer! Much Much more on our website and probs even more in our trader section on here!! ;) Everything in stock apart from the bonnets which are due in end of month (been severely delayed due to shipment out of our control)
  17. Knight Racer
    Hey guys... i'll be having a container full of our Hybrid Carbon Bonnets on the way.. These generally retail for £650.00 + VAT each. For those who don't know about our Hybrid Techonology, they are significantly LIGHTER, THINNER AND STRONGER, due to the hybrid resin, the 100% real carbon fibre...
  18. Knight Racer
    There's always the question... what is lighter? Carbon or the stock ally bonnet? Well, if it was a regular carbon bonnet, then i'd say perhaps the aluminium is lighter, but if it comes to our HYBRID CARBON bonnet, then i would like to take up the challenge. We happen to have a stock R34 GTR...
  19. Knight Racer
    Available from now until Christmas only. While stocks last. R33 GTR NISMO Hybrid Carbon Bonnet .......... only £550 (RRP £695) R33 GTR TOP SECRET Hybrid Carbon Bonnet ... only £550 (RRP £695) R33 GTS NISMO Hybrid Carbon Bonnet ........... only £550 (RRP £650) R33 GTS BORDER Hybrid Carbon Bonnet...
  20. Knight Racer
    Got the following bonnets available to go! R32 GTR (aluminium) £150 R33 GTS (steel) £50 R33 GTR (aluminium) £150 R34 GTT (steel) £50 Or offers!
1-20 of 28 Results