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boost controller

  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    I swapped a RB25DET into my R33 that had a RB25DE in it and did a manual conversion with a RB25DET box at the same time, and I kept the original alternator. The engine I purchased never came with a boost controller, so I purchased an electronic boost controller and the boost peaked at 1.27 bar...
  2. Parts Wanted
    apexi power fc boost controller kit for R33 GTR
  3. General
    I have a gizmo boost controller installed. I'd like to move to the apexi boost kit as I'm running an Apexi Power FC and commander. Can I just get the lead from the ecu to the boost solenoid and make it run? Do I need an Apexi boost solenoid? Do I need the map sensor? It's L-jetro so I...