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  1. General
    Yesterday, my boot emblem snapped off and I know these are pretty difficult to find, I’ve looked at several websites but found nothing. If anyone has came across one, let me know, I appreciate it!
  2. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello, sorry for my little English I have big one issue with my boot lock. Previous owner break stock boot lock and change whole trunk. Now my battery very low, but I can't open it. I hear some histories about open trunk from inside with hands. But it my first car and I don't know what I must...
  3. General
    :attention::attention::attention:Hi, at some point during my R33s life it has had a bang from behind that has pushed in the back area that holds the rear lights etc.. and has concertiner'd? the floor of the boot slightly - resulting in the boot-lip slightly over hanging and the tail-lights...
  4. Knight Racer
    This has been re-finished by ourselves and slightly modified to ensure perfect contours and lines as well as 100% perfect fitment before the moulding process. Each one is finished in a white gel coat. Will need prep and painting. PRICE £299.99 + VAT Members price £250...
  5. Knight Racer
    Got ONE in stock. Very good quality. Perfect carbon weave! Boot In-Fill Carbon Rear Spoiler £195 INCLUDED UK SHIPPING
  6. Knight Racer
    OEM Hybrid Carbon Bootlid for R33 Skyline fits both GTR and GTS, manufactured using Hybrid Carbon Technology by Knight-Racer. True UV protective coating. - 100% real carbon fibre - NO FRP backing plates like you see on regular carbon bootlids - minimised FRP skeleton framework - Ultra thin...
  7. Knight Racer
    100% exact mold of the genuine Nissan bootlid. Fitment guaranteed! 100% perfect real carbon weave pattern. Ultra light weight. Unlike others, this has minimal fibreglass content. Why? because it has real carbon fibre, paired up with our Hybrid Resin, meaning its stronger, more flexible, hence...
1-7 of 7 Results