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  1. General
    Hi guys, I recently got myself a 95 R33 GTST, and I'm in love. However, the front brakes are squeaking horrendously when gentle applying the brakes coming up to junctions/lights etc. So, I did the norm and replaced the pads, no joy. So dug deeper, and have now ended up doing almost EVERYTHING...
  2. General
    Hello guys, I'm need in the skyline world. I had a caliper freeze on my car today and was wondering what kinda of pads and calpier I can use on it. I know they share some parts with the s-chassis and the z32. Thank you in advance. My car is a 1989 skyline GTE
  3. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    Hello all, This may not be the right forum, as my Skyline is not a high performance machine...(far from it), but we're hoping someone here can help! It's a 1988 GXE 3.0, and was regularly serviced every 6 months by its previous owner, who had to give the car up 4 years ago for being too old to...
  4. General
    So I have a daily driven 89 Skyline GTE (no ABS) that I swapped to 5 lug hubs and R32 GTR brakes. Im using freshly turned OEM rotors, new Hawk ceramic pads and steel braid lines. At first I just used the stock GTE booster and master cylinder. After I fully bled the system and took it out to bed...
  5. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    What would I need to replace my 4 stud R33 GTS brakes and with 5 stud GTT brakes and hubs? I've been told they will fit, just have to replace more than if I replaced them with R33 GTST brakes, but they didn't go into what else I would need to replace. Cheers guys.
  6. Parts Wanted
    I have been trying to get a set of GTS-T hubs and brakes that are in good condition to do a conversion on my R33 GTS... I've done alot of things to/for my car in the space of a year, but am now pretty skint/in debt for that reason.. I really want to get my new wheels on...they are sat in a...
  7. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    Hey guys, Does anyone know if R33 GTR brakes and hubs would fit directly onto a GTS25 (non turbo)? I'm looking at doing a 5 stud conversion and big brake conversion and was thinking about using the GTR Brembos, would it be as straight forward using the GTST brakes? Also would a rear diff fit...
  8. General
    I have now reached that time when I am interested in upgrading the crappy GTS 4-stud hubs and tiny brakes, in order to fit my 17" Manaray wheels.. The thing I'am unsure about is :- GTS-T 5-STUD HUBS will go straight on, but should I want even bigger brakes than the standard GTS-T brakes.. Do I...
  9. General
    I've noticed today that after driving for half hour or so that when I brake at a give-way a persisting whistling noise can be heard! (R33 GTS) Its pretty annoying !! Does anyone have an idea at all as to what it could be ?? ...and even better as to how I can fix/get rid of it ?? Please...
    Gents this is my first ever thread..i got used of this website ALOT..thanx to every one so i worked hard to buy my first car ever..which is skyline R32 GTS :) and started to wotk on it, first thing i put new engine ( its2JZ-GTE ):werd: i know ! now i have this brakes problem..i did R33 GTR...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Bought these to save me refurbing mine but got lucky and now have a 356mm kit on it's way before using them. They have been cleaned and seemingly refurbed, though there is a small amount of laqour rework required if you want them totally mint. Pics: £450 ono plus postage.
  12. Parts for Sale
    One-off chance only: - USED set of FRONT BREMBO 4-POT GOLD CALIPERS off a 350z - a pair of USED DBA discs - USED set of Brembo OEM pads Came off my very own L666 R33 GTSt CONDITION... look for yourselves.. PRICE: £400 delivered to anywhere in UK