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  1. Ultra Bright White SMD LED Side Light Bulbs ONLY £5.99 delivered per pair!

    Knight Racer
    Got thousands of these in stock. Not just any ordinary LED bulb, its got 5x High Powered SMD LED's per bulb which are Ultra Bright White and is significantly brighter than the standard filament bulbs or any other LED bulb and using the same voltage. Website price £9.99 Forum Members £5.99...
  2. Dash Illumination LED's?

    Which LED's am I needing for the big illumination light holders as I need to cure THIS: :crazy:
  3. Super White LED Side Light Bulbs - FREE del

    Knight Racer
    LED Side Light Bulbs 501 / T10 Round White FREE DELIVERY 12v comes as a pair direct replacement simple push in fitment Ideal to go with our HID Xenon Kits Fits most cars / universal side light fitment £4.99 per pair all in delivered to your door! Can order directly from our online...
  4. R34 xenon bulbs / how to fit ?

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Need a little bit of your advice here - as per subject : one of the bulbs on my r34 gtt needs replacing, so question - where to buy it, and how to fit in Cheers Bob