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  1. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    I'm looking for a QM1(cloud white) color gtst front bumper to put on my gts-25. Does anyone have a recommended supplier? Also potentially looking for a wing in the same color.
  2. General
    I’m in the market for a kit that fits this vehicle (front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper) and was wondering what are some choices. Thanks for any input!
  3. General
    Hi guys I'm a newbie in the skyline world always wanted an R34 since I was a kid realizing I'll never be able to get a GTR I've just sold my escort cosworth and got my heart set on a bayside GTT. I've been looking at this one and I'm after some advise on prices and this late model front bumper I...
  4. General
    Hey guys im looking to change my front bumper cover. I have a 1993 R33 GTST an I was wondering if the 1994 R33 GTR bumper would fit. Or if anyone else has a suggestion id really appreciate it! I am seeing a lot of R33 bumper styles but they say they will only fit 95-99 skylines.. will these fit...
  5. General
    I am really liking this front bumper and am thinking of buying it !! ..I also like the GTS/GTR front bumber and the 400R also, ideally I want to add rally-grade HID Fog's as well as also having the indicators built in to the bumper as well.. Does anyone know the make/name of this front bumper...
  6. Knight Racer
    400R Style. Smoothed off front indicators to allow for any flat indicators to be fitted as the specific indicators for the original 400R front is proofing more and more difficult to get hold of now. 100% Perfect Fitment guaranteed! This is a re-developed mould as the old one showed signs of...
  7. Knight Racer
    We are having a clear out sale of Skyline Front Bumpers. FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST 2012 ONLY! The following styles will be available at £150 each, limited stock! Available via this forum only. - R32 GTS Do Luck - R32 GTS/GTR BN Sport Blister - R33 GTS Top Secret - R33 GTS "GTR" - R33 GTS Trial...
  8. Knight Racer
    Got these freshly made out the factory got 10 in stock £199.99 each with FREE DELIVERY within UK R34 GTT Fitment GUARANTEED FITMENT
  9. Fully Loaded Cars
    Today we have a customer in for a bumper change. We will be repairing, spraying and fitting F1carbon's old custom bumper to this beauty!
  10. Knight Racer
    Got these in stock going for only £174.99 until end of year!
  11. Knight Racer Our online shop has just had a small facelift, more user friendly and products updated on a daily basis. Our product list is never ending... - bodykits, bumpers, spoilers, side skirts.. - wings, fenders, overfenders... - carbon bonnets, carbon bootlids, carbon...
  12. Knight Racer
    Here's a taste of some of the offers we have for this summer! Much Much more on our website and probs even more in our trader section on here!! ;) Everything in stock apart from the bonnets which are due in end of month (been severely delayed due to shipment out of our control)
  13. Knight Racer
    We are going to launch a mega sale for the summer so members can grab a bargain for their cars for the sunny / show season! :ylsuper: OFFERS END 14TH AUGUST 2011 R33 Skyline - R33 GTS Top Secret Front Bumper £150.00 (£199.99 RRP) - R33 GTS 400R Front Bumper £150.00 (£199.99 RRP) - R33 GTS GTR...
  14. Knight Racer
    Hey guys! Got a few of these left in stock! Perfect quality, perfect fitment! RRP £293.75 Offer price £199.99 Postage and Packaging £35.00 within UK Optional: Painting £175.00
  15. Knight Racer
    Hi guys, Same kit as used on our sponsored drift team - Teyaki Drift Unit R33 GTS M Sport full bodykit only 3 kits left in stock at this price! Delivery is included for most UK mainland destinations, or pm me for other locations.
  16. Knight Racer
    Brand new Trial Front Bumpers now only £199.99 all in delivered to your door (within uk) or outside uk please pm me for delivery quote
  17. Knight Racer
    Hey guys, Here's a list of stock we got for pre-xmas sales (VALID ONLY FROM NOW UNTIL 24th December 2010 and ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST, once these stock have gone then new stock will be back to original prices). On average there is around 2-3 of each item listed below.. some only 1, some maybe 3...
  18. Knight Racer
    Perfect fitment guaranteed!! Prepped, primed and meshed £230 + £35 UK DELIVERY (pm me for other destinations)
1-18 of 23 Results