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  1. Seriously looking at buying

    Newbies 350/g35
    Hi, I've seen a 350GT on a well known auction site. What are some of the things I need to check out in particular? Also how do you guys find running costs of parts etc when things go south? Are there any specialist insurance places that you have gotten good prices with? I'm early 30s and...
  2. Chassis Rail Damage

    Looking at buying an R33 GTS, as it was an import and came on a boat, during unloading, the forklift that picked it up damaged the chassis rails underneath, is this an issue worth repairing, if so, what is the cost involved? Thanks in advance
  3. What to expect here in Germany.

    So. I'm dead set on buying a R32 vspec I've found. Its a 1993 with 79k km in very good condition. Also, I head back to the States Feb 2018 so I'm set to import right? The only issue i'm having here is that I'm not sure what a "good deal" is here in Germany. So I guess my question would be what...
  4. Buying an R34 GTT - questions on daily driving and cabin noise

    Hello everyone, I just joined the forums and wish to have some help deciding: I'm planning on buying an R34 GTT, and have been searching all over the net for info on buying guides etc. but I am still not convinced on two things: I drive alot, and currently have a VW Golf 6 1.4Tsi. However, if...
  5. USA Southern Cali looking for any skyline model

    Hi I'm looking to buy my first skyline but I can't find any around where I live and is it possible to have them imported here? (San Diego)
  6. need new front lip

    my 1998 series 2 R33 gts has a front lip that is beaten to **** by steep driveways and is actually split in half at the bottom anyone selling? or know a good place to buy? (preferably in melbourne) should fit the stock indicator/foglight units (rectangles with cut corners)