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  1. Fully Loaded Cars
    Just in, we have some R33 and R34 carbon Fuse box lids in. Only have 4 sets left so be quick! Replacement part, not stick on. £100 plus £8.50 postage.
  2. Fully Loaded Cars
    F1carbon design and produce high quality Dry carbon products. All our items are autoclaved and produced to be as closed to the original part as possible. Cam Cover: 100% Dry carbon Perfect weave Cable attachment points Fits R32 GTR, R33 GTR, R34 GTR £130 delivered within the UK Coil pack...
  3. Fully Loaded Cars
    We have some of our full carbon autoclaved Naca Vents ending soon on EBay.
  4. Fully Loaded Cars
    At Fullyloadedcars we would like to offer you a group buy on our F1carbon pre-preg full carbon doors. Obviously you will benefit from much lighter parts with the highest quality. Each door weighs in at 5kg. A huge saving on the original door. This is a perfect OEM fitment, just swap all the...
  5. Fully Loaded Cars
    We will soon have 10 of these real carbon R33 fuse covers for sale. Looking at £75 posted. Perfect fit, perfect weave. Perfect engine bay dress up item.
  6. General
    I was beginning to think that my Carbon Spoiler blades had seen their day and either needed wrapping, binning or replaced !? But then a mate from our local Skyline meets showed me what wonders could be achieved by T-Cut :) :) ^ My jaw dropped when I saw what could be achieved with such...
  7. Parts for Sale
    I have genuine Autoselect R34 GTR front splitter for sale. It is made out of carbon fiber but painted HOK white with blue pearl. There is a 10 pence piece size paint chip on the front so will need painting anyway. No doubt the new owner will need to spray it a new colour anyway. I can get a...
  8. Parts for Sale
    Hi all, this is a bit of a feeler and I have been away from the community for a little while so if the details prices etc are way off please let me know, R34gtt standard boot lid in white together with standard spoiler did have a bit of surface rust around 3rd brake light which was treated long...
  9. Projects and Restorations
    Well i might as well kick one off now as there is an amount of work i want and need to do on the new toy Picked it up yesterday was a good ride out and a steady ride back with my mates 400bhp S4 chomping on my bumper all the way :D Anyway when i got home i noticed a tiny oil leak well ok it was...
  10. Knight Racer
    Got half dozen of these in stock going cheap! Website price £175.00 + VAT + Shipping Member's price £150 + VAT + FREE UK Shipping (within EU +£35) DIRECT FIT/REPLACEMENT OF OEM PART, CAN EVEN USE THE OEM BOLTS.
  11. Knight Racer
    Got 3 sets of these in stock! Retail £199.99 + VAT + shipping. NOW £199.99 all in (shipping within UK is free, outside of UK please pm me for quote)
  12. Projects and Restorations
    After owning one of the very first R35's to hit UK roads back in 2008 which we used to showcase our GTR products. So I'm sure some of you have seen it at previous shows and magazines.... It was later sold and now after nearly 18months without the GTR, frankly I started to miss it. We are...
  13. Knight Racer
    Got 2 of these left in stock! RETAIL £650 + VAT Now only £550 all in, delivered within UK!!! shipping outside UK please pm me for quote :) TWO in stock available at this price only!
  14. Knight Racer
    only got 2x left in stock at this price! Grab a bargain while you can! Retail £599.99 + DELIVERY + VAT NOW ONLY £550 including free UK delivery and VAT.
  15. Knight Racer
    only got 2x left in stock at this price! Grab a bargain while you can! Retail £599.99 + DELIVERY + VAT NOW ONLY £550 including free UK delivery and VAT.
  16. Fully Loaded Cars
    Carbon Fiber parts coming soon As we know most carbon fiber products come from Asia these days, whether it's from China, Japan or Taiwan. Well now we have started developing our own techniques and perfecting our quality. Soon we will start making some skyline products in house so stay tuned...
  17. Fully Loaded Cars
    We have these carbon mirrors available for group buy. Usual price is £250 plus £15 postage. Group buy price £225 plus £15 postage. We can do this price for 5 orders. The carbon mirrors are a direct replacement for your old ones and not a cover like others on Ebay. Simply remove the glass and...
  18. Knight Racer
    Got one of these in stock only! Very good quality carbon fibre. Direct replacement of your stock plastic fuse cover. Clips into place as per original item £65 + £10 P&P ONE IN STOCK ONLY
  19. Knight Racer
    Got ONE in stock. Very good quality. Perfect carbon weave! Boot In-Fill Carbon Rear Spoiler £195 INCLUDED UK SHIPPING
  20. Knight Racer
    We will be attending Japfest this Saturday at Castle Combe but instead of having a big trade store, our stand will be concentrating on promotion only. Something special this time as you will get to see two of the greatest rivals go head to head ;) Although we will not be taking any display...
1-20 of 58 Results