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  1. General
    Hi, I believe its the sill. But just below the drivers door of my R33 is bent in, Smacked in. Slid into a post at about 15mph. What id like to know is, the area concerning, can it bent back into shape and does it jeopardize the structural integrity of the chassis? The rail are fine. Cheers
    Looking at buying an R33 GTS, as it was an import and came on a boat, during unloading, the forklift that picked it up damaged the chassis rails underneath, is this an issue worth repairing, if so, what is the cost involved? Thanks in advance
  3. General
    Hey there, Does anyone know if there is a chassis designation chart on here? I think it would be useful, as I've often thought about the chassis codes and what they mean. Cheers guys
1-3 of 3 Results