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  1. General
    Hey, I'm doing a manual swap to my ER34 and am in the process of getting the clutch for the Neo transmission. Is the neo Manual transmission a pull or push type of clutch? Thanks!
    Hey guys and girls, trying to figure out what has gone wrong with my clutch. long story short i got home from work then went to go for a drive a couple hours later, got in the car pressed down on the clutch and it felt a bit funny. the bite point which was previously about half way has now...
  3. Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a 95 r33 and i am going to be changing the clutch as soon as money is freed up. how difficult would this be to do on a drive with jack and axle stands? any advice welcome!
  4. Competition Clutch
    Hi Guys, We are currently running low on stock of our stage 4, 6 paddle clutch kits. These are still available at £329 but we are down to our last 4! This is pretty incredible and means we have sold 50 kits to the forum since we arrived here just after xmas. Thanks for your support! We have...
  5. Tuning, Technical Questions
    after some advice on driving with a twin plate clutch recently picked up my new skyline which has an os girken twin plate clutch, took me a while to get used to pulling of with it sojust wanted to know if theirs anything I should be aware of or carefull with in regards to driving style with a...
  6. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Sorta been going round in circles with a clutch issue but I need to know the truth before I buy a clutch Conflicting info as follows
  7. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, My R33 GTS-T started to sound like it had a super charger at idle :( -Possibly the input shaft bearing, no big problem, ill just keep using it Then the next day, the car is screeching when the clutch is pressed -Possibly the thrust bearing? on the to do list but ill carry on Next...
  8. Competition Clutch
    Hi guys alot of forum members have asked me if we will price match Exedy on like for like products and the answer is no we wont match them.... WE WILL BEAT THEM!!! If you have a quote for a genuine Exedy product we will beat the delivered price on the same spec Competition Clutch product...
  9. Competition Clutch
    Hi guys, Just a quick introduction from me, to tell you about our company and the team. We are Competition Clutch and we are based in Leeds. Competition Clutch is over 20 years old and was originally set up in the America. It has quickly become one of the largest performance clutch companies...
  10. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hello Folks, Tried using the search but it would not come up with specific information about different clutch kit's and the feel of the pedal. My RB25DE Clutch on a DET engine is wearing out slowly... It still works fine, but slips in second gear when driven quick. Next year is going to be a...
  11. Tuning, Technical Questions
    90 R32 GTR, almost completely stock. Unknown short shifter, unknown twin plate clutch. Car was driving just fine, little hard to get into gear but no problems till this morning. Went to start the car and leave and when i tried to start the car it would just turn over but not fire, bat is good...
  12. Dyno Tuner Ltd
    This post is where we will post common job prices so you can get a idea of what things cost. We will add to this over the next week. Clutch Swap R32/33/34 GTST/GTT £132 + clutch R32/33/34 GTR £231 + clutch RB Timing Belt Change including belt + tensioners & antifreeze £300
  13. Knight Racer
  14. General 350/g35
    I have recently had the clutch changed on my 350GT, however I'm having a problem with the gear lever / selector. Initially when it was rebuilt 5th and 6th were really hard to get. We loosened the both that secured the lever to the arm, which has helped a bit, but it's still a little tricky...
  15. General 350/g35
    Can anyone recommend a clutch for a 350GT 03. Just started to slip after 62k. Cheers
  16. Parts Wanted
    My clutch has gone and I'm in need of a clutch that can handle 550bhp. I'm not after a crap nackered one, as this is going into my everyday R33 GTR. So it needs to be in good condition with plenty of life left in the plates. Not from a drag car either. Cheers guys :) I've seen the HKS twin...
  17. Parts for Sale
    Hi I decided that I need to get some of the parts I have kicking around sold on rather than having them sat on my shelves for no good reason! R33 GTR new silicone breather hoses in red £ 35.00 + p&p R33 GTR Tein coilovers good working order just need 6 adjuster rings around £48.00 to make...
  18. Parts for Sale
    Standard plenum lower section £10 + P&P Standard R33 GTST Clutch, was fitted to the engine I brought, was holding well with a FMIC, induction kit and full exhaust @0.85bar £40 delivered.
  19. Suicide Performance
    A big thanks to our new trader Louis for sorting me out with a new clutch. I rung him today at 3:30pm and by 4:30pm a brand new 4 puck stage 5 paddle clutch was winging it's way to me for tomorrow morning, now that's service :cheers:
1-19 of 21 Results