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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi, My R33 GTS-T started to sound like it had a super charger at idle :( -Possibly the input shaft bearing, no big problem, ill just keep using it Then the next day, the car is screeching when the clutch is pressed -Possibly the thrust bearing? on the to do list but ill carry on Next...
  2. Competition Clutch
    if you are running a Competition Clutch Set up on your Skyline why not tell everyone about it.... How does it drive? Where did you get it fit? How much power are you running and what stage did you go for are all questions I'm sure everyone wants to know the answers too... right??
  3. Competition Clutch
    Anyone requiring any Competition Clutch stickers please PM me your address and we will fire a set out for you. All we ask is they go on your car and not eBay and a picture below when fitted would be even nicer still :dogpile:
  4. Competition Clutch
    Hi guys, Just a quick introduction from me, to tell you about our company and the team. We are Competition Clutch and we are based in Leeds. Competition Clutch is over 20 years old and was originally set up in the America. It has quickly become one of the largest performance clutch companies...
1-4 of 4 Results