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  1. In the market for coilovers

    I'm looking for a good set of coilovers for my R32 GTS-t. I do a good heap of road racing so, harsh cornering is going to be a thing, but this car is also my daily. I've been looking up on some reviews and such and also the difference before pillow ball and rubber mounts. Anyway, I came to the...
  2. Rear Suspension/Rattle

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    I just bought a 1994 Gtst and when I hit bumps something in the rear rattles. Ive checked the bolts to the coils and strut bar multiple times but havent found anything yet. The noise seems to be getting worse. Can anyone tell me what it is? A friend of mine said it could be a bushing.
  3. R33 Rear Suspension

    Hello everyone I just picked up a 1994 R33 gtst in iowa. I dont whats making noise in the rear but everytime I hit a bump in the road something rattles. Some people said the struts could be blown and or the bushings could be bad. I checked the trunk and behind the seat for loose items but there...

    Are you (Jap-Speed) responsible/joint responsible for ending all the "2fast2cool2" E-BAY Auctions on R33 Coilovers early ?? and why did I get stopped from entering bids in the final minute ???:spank: I'am NOT HAPPY! ...I've been in the lead on 3 Auctions by 2fast2cool2 and each time the bid...

    Parts Wanted
    Hi, I've just bought and had fitted some TEIN SPRINGS...and they do feel better but the ride heights not quite as low as I had hoped :/ SO I'am looking for some adjustable coilovers for my R33 that are in good condition and not bank-breakingly expensive..:attention: Hope to hear from y'all...
  6. Shock Absorbers (need some asap)

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting and hopefully will get some reactions :) At the moment my car feels like a bouncy house since my rear shocks are not functioning properly, it still has the original shocks. So what I'm wondering is , do I want to get stock shocks (dampers only)...
  7. 0% Finance on HSD Coilovers

    Driftworks Ltd
    Yes you read right! Driftworks are very proud to now offer the awesome HSD MonoPro, and HSD Dualtech coilovers on a 0% Finance option to UK customers :cheers: All finance applications are made online in our webshop. It's really simple to fill in, and for the majority of customers an...
  8. Apexi R32 GTSt Coilovers with HKS Top Mounts £500 or OFFERS

    Knight Racer
    Fully adjustable hard/soft settings HKS Top Mounts R32 GTSt fitment Very good condition
  9. Tanabe Sustex Pro S-S R32 GTSt Coilovers £500 or OFFERS

    Knight Racer
    Sustec Pro S-S delivers broad performance for the track to the streets. Featuring 4-way front and 4 or 8 way rear adjustment, S-S allows drivers to fine tune height, dampening and rebound based on track conditions and driver preference. A wide range of height adjustment allows the driver to...
  10. Apexi R33 GTSt Coilover set £400 or OFFERS

    Knight Racer
    These are in very good condition, no leaks, no damage, perfect working order. With fully adjustable hard/soft settings
  11. TEIN R33 GTSt Type NR Coilovers £499.99 or OFFERS

    Knight Racer
    These are in MINT condition, almost brand new! please see photos, even the paintwork on the springs look hardly touched!
  12. R33 GTS and GTR parts clearout

    Parts for Sale
    Hi I decided that I need to get some of the parts I have kicking around sold on rather than having them sat on my shelves for no good reason! R33 GTR new silicone breather hoses in red £ 35.00 + p&p R33 GTR Tein coilovers good working order just need 6 adjuster rings around £48.00 to make...