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  1. R33 GTST Engine looms and ECU

    Parts for Sale
    Hi I have the following for sale Engine ECU, Loom, injector loom, coilpacks loom and alternator and starter loom offers around £200- for them all posted in UK regards Martyn
  2. cough & splutters

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    My skyline at 4,500 revs car seems to judder a bit, its not appearing to missfire but seems similar to that, new coilpack and spark plugs put in last week & it coughs and splutters a bit and has made no difference, any advice would be great. TIA
  3. Splitfire coil packs for R33 GTR in good working order

    Parts for Sale
    Hi Folks No longer need these coil packs so they are for sale as I need the cash £220+ p&p regards Martyn
  4. R33 GTST Parts Clearout Headlight Boost Controller ETC...

    Parts for Sale
    Hello! After nearly 7 years of ownership time has come to clear some room in my garage. I'm having a clear out..... Apexi boost controller that plugs directly into the Power FC so you dont need a separate AVCR. This is brand new and not been used! However, the electrical cable and MAP sensor is...
  5. Coilpack cover; remove or keep on?

    I've see a few engine bays with the coilpack cover removed. How is your engine bay?
  6. R33 S1 Coilpacks

    Parts for Sale
    12 no R33 S1 Coilpacks 6 of them were removed from a 70000 mile car and are in perfect working order the other 6 were removed from a 44000 mile car with a hesitation at 5000rpm and replaced with Splitfires the car had the same problem with the Splitfires, which was traced to faulty knock sensor...