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  1. Careful of this guy on eBay

    So a while ago I bought an East Bear Replica kit from this guy "godsmind66" from eBay. Originally it fit horribly (pics 1-2), but with a few expensive GTR parts it sat a little better(3-4). It's still pretty pathetic though, when confronted the seller offered me 1/3rd of the price of the GTR...
  2. 4 to 5 stud gts help!!

    Hi guys I'm new here and i've come for some help! I currently have a 1990 gts r32 skyline that has been +t'd all tuned and runs great only problem is getting it road legal. I have a full set of 5 stud off a 300zx and i have managed to get the rear hubs onto the car but the fronts are giving me...
  3. Rb20e spec 2 to rb25det spec 1

    N/A Forum
    Has anybody on here converted a non turbo skyline to a spec 1 rb25DET before?? I have a few questions as mine is being an absolute pain to do.. Like the loom I brought doesn't seem to match all plugs on the engine and the start charge loom has a battery plug on it but my battery is in the boot...
  4. R34 LHD Headlight conversion guide

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    I've been searching and searching for a guide on how to convert my R34 Xenon headlights to driving in the right side of the road. In a lot of European countries your car will fail an MOT if the light pattern is not converted. And let me start by saying, that this is not the legal way of doing...

    alright im saying this is important because it really is. i need to get this done asap and cannot find much info. i have a four door r33 non turbo auto. i wanna sway the box for a rb25det gearbox. my questions 1. is it possible because of the gear ratio? 2. what else will i need to replace like...
  6. Gearbox help needed for RWD skyline

    Hi guys, I unfortunately missed out on some decent parts i was bidding on, and as i am pretty new to the RB world I need some info: I am wanting to do a manual conversion. I have heard the RB25det gearbox is the strongest, I just cant afford 1, so can anyone recommend me a strong gearbox for...
  7. rb26 gtr into to a gtst conversion

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi eveyone> I have just bought a gtst r33 with a blown engine and was thinking of replacing it with a gtr engine. i have found a decent rb26 enginefrom a gtr which has uprated intenals aswell its a reasonable price and its complete other than injectors and turbo and exhaust manifold. the car...
  8. R32 Rb20Det to Rb25Det Engine Conversion

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi, i've had my skyline for 4 months and the Exhaust manifold bolts are sheered into the block, The head needs to be removed and brought in to be tapped out, i was considing a Rb25det Conversion If anyone has any info or experience with a Rb25 to a R32 Please let me know I was also curious...