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  1. 240sx Coupe Convertible RB26 Swap

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    Hello guys, I'm thinking about buying a 95 240sx Coupe Convertible. The car is in great shape and is very well kept. It has an SR20DET in it, but I would like to eventually swap an RB26 in it. Does anyone know of how much it would cost or some of the challenges I'd have to overcome during the...
  2. My first Nissan!

    Other Nissan Models
    Well not 100% Nissan lol but here she is. My 1991 Infiniti M30 Convertible! :cheers: [URL=]
  3. 2004 BMW M3 Convertible - £8k Carbon Black Bargain!

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    As I will soon be leaving for distant shores, my 'vert is up for sale. I know it's not a Skyline too, btw :gay: I had planned on keeping this for the next few years (demonstrated by what I've done to it in the year and a half I've had it) but a new plan has forced my hand. It has just come...