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  1. Hybrid Turbo, Stainless elbow, Decat

    Parts for Sale
    TFS stage 3 Hybrid turbo,, been on my car exactly 2 years and came off in a spanking condition very very little play, £300, comes with the silicone turbo inlet pipe, from turbo to maf in black, not pictured stainless divided elbow, £40 Decat, £30
  2. Turbo decision

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey guys, I took my R33 to STM (a local tuner) for a check to see what was up with my car, as it hasn't been running right since I put the new 25DET engine in and I've had it on a Nissan Consult and all the sensors on the engine seem to be working properly, and all the readings from the lambda...
  3. R33 R34 Decat pipe **cheap**

    Parts for Sale
    Decat pipe to fit r33 and r34, shed clearance sale.. £20 Could post if required at postage cost. 3" pipe
  4. GT35 Turbo, Hoses, boost pipes

    Parts for Sale
    As it says in the title I have a load of bits to sell off GT3582 turbo with 0.60ar turbine, 360 thrust Journal bearing with ported shroud, Oil + water cooled, rated to 600bhp, Brand new £400 (i'm running the same turbo making 522bhp @1.2bar) R33 GTST Intercooler hose, no splits good...