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  1. Knight Racer
    This has been re-finished by ourselves and slightly modified to ensure perfect contours and lines as well as 100% perfect fitment before the moulding process. Each one is finished in a white gel coat. Will need prep and painting. PRICE £299.99 + VAT Members price £250...
  2. Knight Racer
    Hi guys! Got a couple sets of these in stock. 100% perfect fitment guaranteed! Supra high quality FRP in high resin gel coat and primed ready for painting. ONLY £199.99 per pair delivered within UK
  3. Knight Racer
    R32 GTS Do Luck Kit: Front Bumper Side Skirts Rear Bumper RRP £899.99 (as seen on our website NOW FORUM OFFER £499.99 ONLY 1 kit left! Shipping within UK £45.00
  4. Knight Racer
    Got 1 kit left! Very high quality FRP, very rigid, very strong, very durable! No air pockets in the fibreglass, no dry patches, 100% quality guaranteed with high quality resin and gel coat finish. - Front Bumper - Side Skirts - Rear bumper Retail Price £899.99 NOW £499.99! plus delivery
1-4 of 4 Results