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  1. Cars for Sale
    Hallo, long time not seen... Someone here for winter project? Car was imported from Japland in February, 2016, EU import tax paid. As it was grey..decided to change the color and drop it for summer fun... sadly RHD cars can be enjoyed only 6month in my country so off she goes: Car is fully...
  2. Projects and Restorations
    well I think its about time i made a build thread for this seen as though ive unveiled it to the public on facebook! im smoody and I drive for automotive workz drift team. It is to my knowledge the first rocket bunny v2 r32 skyline made. I built this car from initially purchasing an r32...
  3. Parts for Sale
    i have a r33 spec 2 bonnet in black for sale. it came on my spec 1 and i am getting the correct one thats the reason for sale. the paint on the bonnet is damaged and seems to have been bent slightly on the drivers side front corner only noticeable up close. ideal for a drift car or someone...
  4. video section
    Hi all. Haven't been very active in here.. but will upload a bit more now and would love some comments on this video :) what do you think? have a nice day. Cheers Stone
  5. Projects and Restorations
    Skyline R33 "Driftedition" Hi again! Long time no see! In this winter I bougth a Skyline R33 driftcar. The car is pretty much original but it's works okey :) RB25DET with open air filter, more boost,exhaust,big IC and bigger inj. XYZ Drift coilovers Rollcage ,FIA seats and belts 2way Kaaz...
  6. The Photograpy Section
    Here ia a quick look to a film shot in Alberta canada on a abandon track. full film coming in the next few weeks! Enjoy!
    To my fellow Europeans, once again.. Sorry if you missed Session 13 (its been and gone and filled fast before I could even Post it on my blog , here or DW Im currently planning my 2013 Schedules and what will be my 14th European FC Tuning Session @ DP Engineering, Holland No official date...
  8. Knight Racer
    Got ONE in stock. Very good quality. Perfect carbon weave! Boot In-Fill Carbon Rear Spoiler £195 INCLUDED UK SHIPPING
  9. Boostjunkies
    Here we have a pack of 100 x 300mm long x 4.8mm wide cable ties Price £8.50 a pack with postage of £3.25 25 X GREEN 25 X PINK 25 X YELLOW 25 X ORANGE cheers Samy with FREE stickers :)
  10. All Things Drift, Drag and On-Track
    Some nice R32's in this vid.
  11. video section
    The editing + sound track is savage :bigthumb: Featuring a few so members :cool:
  12. All Things Drift, Drag and On-Track
    In car with John Hickey with team Manfoot in the final of the team drift challenge.
  13. Ireland
    This weekend Prodrift will return to Fermoy, for Round 2 of the 2011 Irish Series. After a hugely successful season opener in Ennis, expectations are building for what is promising to be a fantastic event. The increase in the standard of competition across all 3 classes has fans and drivers...
  14. General
    Hi peps I'm newly a skyline owner an I love them always have being young an all it's hard to get insurance on them as you know. Right I need a little advice an since everyone here is properbly abit older than the people on yes I had a Honda, I might be able to get a straight answer...
  15. Ireland
    In just over one week’s time, the Ennis Marts will once again come alive to the sound of top level motorsport as the Prodrift Series rolls back into town for what promises to be a high octane kick off to the 2011 series. Prodrift are delighted to announce that there will be a Carnival on-site...
  16. All Things Drift, Drag and On-Track
    Apologies for posting this twice - I'd hate for someone to miss out! 7th and 8th May 2011 Drift mecca. Nowhere else comes close! £10 Club Membership £55 Per Day Free Camping ----- £120 for a weekend of the best skids anywhere in the...
  17. Projects and Restorations
    Well here is my car! its pretty stock, I some Work Equip wheels on there, 1 is bent so i've got a spare up on the front passenger side. She came with Tein Coilovers, unfortunately, okinawa is a small island and everything rusts, so the coilovers are too rusted to adjust, I was hoping to go a...
  18. Ireland
    The PD Final is on in Fermoy,Cork this Saturday and Sunday. The weather look good for both days ,so should be plenty of smoke + some wall rubbing :smoker: There are literally four drivers who can challenge for the honours in the top Pro Class division so it proves to be an Epic finish to...
  19. All Things Drift, Drag and On-Track
    Cone-Dodgers are hosting a day of drifting at the mighty Llandow circuit in South Wales on Thursday 19th August. The price per car is £80 which includes additional drivers and free tyre changing all day (though you must take your scrappies home with you). We only have space for 30 cars so...
  20. Other
    New to drifting and wanting to learn? Experienced drifter and just wanna have some seat time? Want to just drift for fun? Look no further!! 2010 Drift-Away Camp May 22nd and 23rd, 2010 3 Flags Motorsports Park Lumsden, Saskatchewan The 2010 Drift-Away camp is one of the most anticipated events...
1-20 of 23 Results