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  1. Midlands
    Hi all... I want to know what power my car is running so I was wondering if you guys know anywhere I can go and not get ripped off.. Thanks
  2. Midlands
    Guys, Martin AKA MADMAK has organised a bit of a Rolling Road Day and BBQ at Area 52 this Sunday, appreciate that some of you might of taken your cars off the road, or sold them.... but would still be good to have a little meet, as the end of the season for meets is coming. I'm not sure if...
    I thought id post Matt' results up from last year seeing as I seem to be getting more and more calls, especially from all you R34GTT Chaps (cheers) another exceptionally healthy GTT
  4. Ireland As above, Page built by Clodola on
1-4 of 4 Results