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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    My cefiro headlights only work on high beams, it has been this way since I bought the car. When the stalk is in the 2nd position (low beams) I get nothing, my lights don't turn on. When I try to flick my momentary brights nothing happens, it just stays the same as the regular brights (3rd...
  2. General
    Stop Light Fuse 10A keeps blowing, dumbed it down to between the connector on the brake pedal and the fuse box. No wiring problems I see from back to front and got a new Brake Light Switch installed, I tested it with the old one and the new one, happens I'd say after 30 minutes of driving. If I...
  3. Tuning, Technical Questions
    R32 w/ rb25det s2 MAJOR PROBLEMS Okay I've got a serious problem my MAF is good but my car is stuck in limo mode or saftey mode it won't rev past 2500 rpm and I don't know what is wrong I've tried resetting the ecu by disconnecting the battery and pushing the brakes then connecting the battery...
  4. Tuning, Technical Questions
    hey everyone. my car started up fine yesterday. but today it wont start. when i turned the key the relays in the bottom left side started clicking. and nothing will work. when i turn my lights on they dont come on and everything just shuts off. when i press my horn everything shuts off and i...
  5. Boostjunkies
    Pink Conduit Wiring / Engine Dress Up Kit The Kit Contains: **3m x 10mm ID Pink Split Conduit 3m x 16.8mm ID Pink Split Conduit 2m x 26.5mm ID Pink Split Conduit 20 x 100mm x 2.5mm Pink Cable Ties 20 x 200mm x 3.6mm Pink Cable Ties 1 Roll 19mm x 20m Pink Electrical Tape Boostjunkies Pink...
    hi everyone im havin trouble with fr indicator,it blew a bulb so replaced it but still not going it seems to have no power too it all of a sudden guard and rear working just flashing fast its doing my head in pleazzze help
  7. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi peoples. My air conditioning (climate air) is resetting to default settings suddenly, every time I turn off the ignition. It's like the audio does when you remove the battery, resets to default settings. Anyone? Please?
1-7 of 7 Results