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    So among troubleshooting some engine sounds, afm(issues?), and no boost, i noticed this cable is broken. Looks like ground of some sort but not sure to what and have been in thread after thread trying to find some info but no luck. the area around the bolt is pretty corroded, but if anyone might...
  2. General
    :attention::attention: Hi, I went to go for a drive earlier when I noticed a very noticeable sound clunking away in the engine sounds like it is coming from the big fan or somewhere near there, any idea's what it could be ?.....sound's terrible !? ??? Please reply asap Regards Martin
  3. Boostjunkies
    Pink Conduit Wiring / Engine Dress Up Kit The Kit Contains: **3m x 10mm ID Pink Split Conduit 3m x 16.8mm ID Pink Split Conduit 2m x 26.5mm ID Pink Split Conduit 20 x 100mm x 2.5mm Pink Cable Ties 20 x 200mm x 3.6mm Pink Cable Ties 1 Roll 19mm x 20m Pink Electrical Tape Boostjunkies Pink...
  4. Boostjunkies
    Hi All, Now available form JS Performance R33/R34 GTR Coolant hoses available in 9 colours Price £64.95 + £5.00 postage sent via Royal Mail signed for At the moment these are on an order basis until we can get stocks in. Lead time from ordering 10 days. cheers Samy
  5. Boostjunkies
    Here is a price list of the Mikalor clamps in stock Mikalor 9mm wide Worm Drive W2's 8mm-12mm 8mm-16mm 12mm-22mm 16mm-27mm 20mm-32mm 25mm-40mm 30mm-45mm 32mm-50mm 40mm-60mm 50mm-70mm Mikalor 12mm wide Worm Drive W2's 20mm-32mm 25mm-40mm 30mm-45mm 32mm-50mm 40mm-60mm 50mm-70mm...
  6. General
    I've see a few engine bays with the coilpack cover removed. How is your engine bay?
1-6 of 6 Results