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  1. Fully Loaded Cars
    Please feel free to click like on our facebook page and keep an eye on what are latest projects are. Clicky
  2. Knight Racer
    Although we post offers regularly here for you forum members, we also have them running on our Facebook page and not limited to just Nissan Skylines. So if you have friends of friends who drives anything other than Skylines, then why not get them to "LIKE" our page, and "LIKE" it yourself too of...
  3. Knight Racer
    Was a great day! Sorry we were stacked out on the stand and didnt get to come over to say hello, but thanks for the members who did pay a visit :) Glad to see some bargains being grabbed by some of you guys on here, especially BOBAH!! Some photos and videos can be seen on our facebook page...
  4. Knight Racer
    Add us on facebook to follow our latest events, newest products and offers!
1-4 of 4 Results