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  1. Please Help R33 GTST won't start.

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi Everyone, I need some urgent help! Please could I ask anyone with experience to help me get my car running? Detailed below is the issue. My 1995 R33 GTST (Auto) won’t start. Symptoms: 1) Loud buzzing sound under car drivers side. (when ignition in on postion). 2) Lights on dash come on and...
  2. HELP PLEASE ?? stagea cutting out

    Stagea Owners Forum
    hi all :) ive just swapped my mr2 turbo for a 1997 stagea rs4 2.5 turbo auto but it has a problem upon driving home it cut out then i pulled over and it started striaght back up no problem it has done this a few times on the way back home but drove it all weekend and it did not cut out once...