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  1. Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hello, I was not finding the right answer to my question on the forum so I decided to ask, before I buy an S15 steering wheel. I am planning on buying an S15 steering wheel to replace my „wreckes“ oem r34 steering wheel. However, i do not know if the airbag AND horn connector hook up to the R34...
  2. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    Hey guys, I need to know what offset I would need for 9.5 in the front and 10 in the back for a r33 gtst? Thanks
    Hey all. I have a 94 r33 Gtst and am in the middle of looking at a new set of wheels. I want to run 18x10.5+20. Not sure of tire size just yet. Does anyone know if it will effect my turning radius or if it will rub on the inner fender or anywhere when I drop it down. If so what kind of work did...
  4. General
    ^My Silver R33 rear-bumper etc at the moment... Vs Replica Veilside rear GTR bumper I want fitted... I have come across a rear bumper its one of a couple I've had my eye on.. and although I wont be actually getting it for a couple of months yet.. I'am interested to know how much work would...
  5. General
    ^The other day I bought a pair of Custom COBRA MISANO seats.. ^This is what is fixed to the under side of them at the moment. My R33 just has standard seats and rails etc.. at the moment.. I want the seats to sit as low as possible, and if possible allow them to tilt back as well as...
  6. Wheels/suspension/Tyres/Brakes
    Will Rota D2 17x8+30 or 17x8+20 fit on a R32 gts-t without a wheel spacer? Will the rim clear the brakes?
1-6 of 6 Results