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  1. Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a 95 r33 and i am going to be changing the clutch as soon as money is freed up. how difficult would this be to do on a drive with jack and axle stands? any advice welcome!
  2. General
    HELP !!! Sadly my Nissan Skyline R33 GTS RB20E (Auto) NON TURBO lost power and felt like it was gonna stall.. It was a mission getting it back home and had to drive sketchily home 5 miles away at no more than 15 mph... every time I slowed/stopped for traffic lights the accelerater pedal became...
  3. General
    As the title suggests...can anyone pin-point the most common part of the R33's Head-Light that is prone to leaks that cause condensation etc.. I am in the throws of fixing a snapped clip and hole in the top of a head light I have but also want to ensure no more condensation occurs once...
  4. General
    :attention::attention: Hi, I went to go for a drive earlier when I noticed a very noticeable sound clunking away in the engine sounds like it is coming from the big fan or somewhere near there, any idea's what it could be ?.....sound's terrible !? ??? Please reply asap Regards Martin
  5. General
    I've noticed today that after driving for half hour or so that when I brake at a give-way a persisting whistling noise can be heard! (R33 GTS) Its pretty annoying !! Does anyone have an idea at all as to what it could be ?? ...and even better as to how I can fix/get rid of it ?? Please...
1-5 of 5 Results