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  1. Fuel pressure gauge help

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Hi guys I've installed a fuel pressure regulator to my car and ran a external defi fake gauge to the pillar pod now everything's hooked up and working but it always reads all the way clockwise to 10 why isn't it giving me a reading ?
  2. No Start Issue

    Projects and Restorations
    Hello everyone, let me start off with saying I own a Nissan Skyline R33. Recently its been sitting up for awhile due to no funding for repair. The car was running fine before but after being laid up for so long im having a no start issue. I replaced the fuel pump relay, ignitor and coils. But im...
  3. Advice please - very 'juddery' skyline! Fuel issue??

    N/A Forum
    Hiya, Just wondering if anyone has experienced a similiar problem to me in either a skyline or any other car they have owned... My cars always driven perfectly, until recently when pulling of a sliproad at about 50mph it started 'juddering'.. almost felt like someone was tapping the brakes as...
  4. Nulon Additives in stock

    Knight Racer
    We have a load of Nulon additives in stock going for £10 per bottle. Intended for temporary solution for the problem at hand (although they have been proved to work for a long period of time)
  5. Problem, CAS...R34 NEO in a R33

    Whats up fellas. I need some help I installed a Neo into my R33 GTST and all is well except that I'm not getting fuel sprayed into my cylinder. When I turn over the engine I get spark; now. When I remove the plug, the plug is not wet and the injectors are getting voltage. Needless to say the...
  6. Turbo Diesel REMAP for only £249.99!

    Knight Racer
    For those who run a second car especially Turbo Diesels for fuel economy... we can save you EVEN MORE on fuel! up to 15% in fact! Plus we can get you up to 20% more performance! From ONLY £249.99! (most tuners charge £450+) We can even remap vans and trucks as well as normal road cars :)
  7. R32 problems

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    hello everyone, i recently got a 1990 gtr r32, and I'm having some problems with it. 1. extremly bad fuel consumption. my r32 can only do 3km on 1 liter when I'm driving very gentle (shifting before 3k rpm). the car is slightly moded, according to the previous owner, the engine was...
  8. July Special on Sytec Fuel filters

    Hi Peeps, We have a special on these filters "WHEN THESE ARE GONE THEY ARE GONE" The Larger uprated Sytec Fuel filters, superb filters with the uprated extra flow, GTSt fitment They are now £7.50 each with £3.00 UK postage £10.50 posted all in Worldwide postage is available please contact us...
  9. Hicas.....??

    Right guys i have read all the info i can find on HICAs however it does not seem to metion my issue i have with it. So i have had the car for 3 weeks now and everytime i have filled up the HICAS light comes on and stays on untill the engine is started from cold again. It has only come on when...
  10. Loosing power at 2.5k rpm

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Having a bit of an issue with my r32 gtst, intermittant issue that doesnt happen everytime i drive however it is getting more and more frequent and generally when the car is HOT, it will top out at 2.5k rpm and shake and jump and generally have a fit, if i gear down which would normally put it...
  11. R33 GTSt Stainless braided Fuel Hose kits

    R33 Gtst Braided Fuel hose kits, A direct replacment for the original rubber hoses which by now are quite old and maybe due for replacment The Kit is a 4 line Kit With 8 anodised Sytec finishers and the hose is stainless braided Sytec hose with superb quality. The kits are £59.99 + p&p usually...