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  1. General 350/g35
    Hi all, I've been a bit of a fairweather poster on here over the years, so apologies if i haven't given much in return so far. I have a 350GT manual and i've been looking at F/I options and costs (which are scary), and i wondered if anyone has done a conversion and put an RB25DET into a...
  2. FAQ's 350/g35
    Hi Guys, Can someone help on the issue i am facing? Climate control in my 35ogt is playing up, it blows cold air when set on 18c (lowest) as normal but when temperature is increased 18.5 or above,it blows really hot air as temperature is set to highest. there is either cold or really hot air...
  3. General 350/g35
    My g35 is having warm engine startup issues, engine starts and dies, have to pump gas a little for it not to shut down, I have put a video link below to show what it is doing
  4. General 350/g35
    HI, I think I need a new driver's door lock actuator for my 2003 V35/350GT automatic but don't know the reference number/code is for the part I need. Can anyone help? Thanks, Ross
  5. General 350/g35
    Hey how is everyone good I hope. So I just came across this forum. As I was looking for a steering wheel airbag cover for my car. I own a 2004 Infiniti G35 which I'm trying slowly to get parts together to covert. Rite now I'm looking for a Steering wheel airbag cover for my car. I already have...
  6. General
    Hey guys, Thought this might interest you (I posted it on the Facebook page earlier and got a fair few likes and comments), there is a company in the States called Vaydor bodykits and they do a body kit (more like a conversion) for the Infiniti G35/Skyline V35. Looks absolutely mental! Costs...
  7. VQ Electrics/ECU/Ice
    Hi everyone, I'm a little stumped. I have a 03 350gt and the locks keep going wappy on it, I will unlock the car and get in and all I'll hear and see is both doors locking and unlocking constantly. Sometimes it won't do it and while I'm driving down the road I will hear the passenger lock just...
1-7 of 8 Results