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  1. Too Many Turbo Options. T3/t4 Divided/undivided .63 .78 .82 1.06 Please Help

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    OK guys I dont have much experience with RB26 being from the states so Im hoping my English speaking cousins from across the pond might be able to help me out. lol Im coming from a single turbo 2J(GTX3582R) car over to my R32 Skyline. Ive been doing my research on turbo selection and Its hard...
  2. Help with turbos

    :Uzi:well. bought the new haltech system for the r32 to get her ready for the z day meet(still have the apexi FC) and then i inspected my turbos. they are indeed r34 n1 twins. with chips in the damn blades! so now i have no turbos. and im stuck between going with a big single now. or getting...
  3. 2x stock Garrett TURBOS for RB26DETT MINT Low Miles

    Knight Racer
    Got a pair of these excellent condition only 40k miles usage. Off an R32 GTR Garrett T28 TE2701 turbine RB26DETT Turbo Identification number: 14411-05U20 T28 T3 Compressor Housing AR42 Wheel T3 Trim 50 Inducer = 42.51 Exducer = 60.1 Turbine Housing AR 48 Wheel T25 Trim 62 Inducer...