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  1. General
    1993 R33 GTST So to preface, I just finished putting my car back together after and engine rebuild and I replaced the clutch and throw out bearing while I was at it. After a quick test drive I noticed a rattle coming from the gearbox area rolling down the road. It’s persistent with the clutch...
  2. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Has anyone ever had an issue with going from 4th into 5th and it crunching? Even driving normally and nursing it into 5th it still has a bit of a moment and makes a noise. Would it be worn syncros? or would it be something worse? Thanks Ben
  3. General
    Sorry for being ignorant on the topic, it seems very unclear upon all the research ive done other than its the way to go. What will i need besides the gearbox of course to fit a 25 box to my RB20 block?? Please clarify.
  4. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey there guys, I have a GTS4 that is factory manual, with the FS5R30A gearbox. I also have a RB30 that I want to put into it. Since this is the same code as the one in the GTR (albeit different with the push/pull) is it able to handle the power and torque that an RB30 can put out? I'm aiming...
  5. Parts for Sale
    Hi Time to get this out of my shed ready to moved house. it was bought from Skyline part as a good spare box for my car but never got used! £400.00 ovno collection only or you arrange carrier. regards Martyn
  6. Parts Wanted
    Help!!!! An after an r32 gtst AUTOMATIC gearbox, beeen on the hunt for the final piece to finish my project, hoping someone out there in the vast skyline world has one!! Also been told it can either be the turbo or non turbo gearbox to help widen the search!
  7. Dyno Tuner Ltd
    This post is where we will post common job prices so you can get a idea of what things cost. We will add to this over the next week. Clutch Swap R32/33/34 GTST/GTT £132 + clutch R32/33/34 GTR £231 + clutch RB Timing Belt Change including belt + tensioners & antifreeze £300
  8. General
    Hi guys, I unfortunately missed out on some decent parts i was bidding on, and as i am pretty new to the RB world I need some info: I am wanting to do a manual conversion. I have heard the RB25det gearbox is the strongest, I just cant afford 1, so can anyone recommend me a strong gearbox for...
  9. Authorised Traders Sales Forum
    Perfect working condition. Approx 70-80k miles
  10. Tuning, Technical Questions
    Can i fit @ install RB25 gearbox on my RB20DET engine? (Automatic Transmission) Need any modification?
  11. Tuning, Technical Questions
    tried searching but found nothing concrete, How much oil does the gearbox take? How much oil does the diff take? Both are in a R33 GTST Series2
  12. Tuning, Technical Questions
    well everyone as you will know i lunched my gearbox AGAIN at kemble and as its only 6 months old it should be repaired free however i read in banzai about a company that cryogenically freezes car parts but my searching is crap so does anyone know who they are or can point me in the correct...
1-12 of 13 Results