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  1. R33 GTR Carbon Wrapped Grille OFFERS

    Knight Racer
    Genuine R33 GTR Grille - carbon wrapped! offers around £75?
  2. R32 GTR Carbon Grille only £125 delivered!

    Knight Racer
    R32 GTR Carbon Grille - fits both GTR and GTS (if you have GTR bonnet) Direct replacement of the original item. [img][.img] RRP £125 + Delivery + VAT = £168.00 to members on here only £125 all in and delivered...
  3. GB: R33 GTR Grille £40 only!

    Knight Racer
    These are R33 GTR style grilles for the R33 GTS Spec1 fitment. Constructed in our own UK factory, using ultra high quality FRP with a very generous amount of gelcoat, meaning no air pockets or dry patches like you might find in some cheap FRP products. These will need prepping and priming...