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  1. FS: Nismo Suspension Links

    Parts for Sale
    Nismo goodies for sale for R32 Front Upper Link P#54556-RS580 Rear Upper Link, Rear P#55135-RS580 Needed adjustable arms and switched off, no issues with these- bushings are good. Purchased brand new, about 8k miles on them. Asking $350 for both sets. Located in Hilltop / San Pablo CA-...
  2. rb25 two step

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    i have a r32 with an series 2 rb25det. here’s a list of mods. there are others that i have not listed. im wondering how to get 2 step or launch control for cheap. could i just get a dyno tune? i want to stay away from the Bee R rev limiters because they destroy your turbo. any thoughts? -HKS...
  3. Opinion on this R32 GTR?

    Hey everyone! I've been poking around on the forum for a bit while I've been looking at buying a GTR, but I just set up an account. So a little background - I live in the US, I'm currently going to college, and I may be studying abroad in Japan this coming fall. Long story short, my...
  4. R32 GTR fuel pump in gtst

    I am looking to replace my fuel pump in my 90 gtst with a aftermarket walboro 255. A seller on ebay has one for a gtr and i was wondering if that would fit into the tank.
  5. R33 parts need to go!

    Parts for Sale
    R33USED parts cheap cus they need to go! Hi Due to house move a garage clearout is required and to help fund moving too! R33 GTSt exhaust front pipe OE £25.00 R33 GTSt turbo elbow £20.00 R33 GTR (96) Aircon pump £ 50.00 R33 climate control unit £30.00 R33 GTR triple guage set oil...
  6. FS: R32 GTR Leather trimmed interior (R33 fitment)

    TMS Motorsport (aka The Moff Shop)
    Hi guys, We've just got these seats in stock, R32 GTR Front seats re-trimmed in leather and what we suspect to be R32 GTR rear bench (R33 fitment). Really good condition with no wear on the bolsters, bit of sagging on the drivers seat base. Ideally after £950.00 however I'm open to sensible...
  7. Nissan GTS4 gearbox strength

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hey there guys, I have a GTS4 that is factory manual, with the FS5R30A gearbox. I also have a RB30 that I want to put into it. Since this is the same code as the one in the GTR (albeit different with the push/pull) is it able to handle the power and torque that an RB30 can put out? I'm aiming...
  8. GTS25T Badge Help

    Does anyone know where I can find a badge like this for my Skyline?
  9. Ceramic impeller Destruction / Failure

    Ceramic impeller destruction So I finally got my car back. Ceramic impeller on the back turbo went during a standard service at the shop i regularly visit. Fortunately I have a warranty on the car and the engine replacement was covered. I have attached some pictures to show what happened...
  10. 1989 Nissan skyline GT-R for sale

    1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R for sale Vin: BNR32-005176 Model: KBNR32RXFSLMZG Color: Bayside Blue (lifetime warranty on paint job done in 2015) Horsepower: 450 @12psi Attention: needs turbo rebuild kit. can be sold with or without fixing can talk about this over phone. also can send photos by...
  11. Introducing Myself!

    Hello, My name is Brandon! I am 19 year old from Colorado. I recently purchased an R32 GT-R from Canada, she is gunmetal grey and her name is Kate. I'm still getting into cars and thought joining a forum for my car would help me get to know her better. I drag race often, I currently have a '01...
  12. R34 GTT to GTR?

    Hey guys, I've had an idea and I want to know (educated) peoples ideas on it. I have 3 R33 Skylines at the moment (1x GTST that is fairly modified but fire damaged), 1x Sedan that is my daily driver, and 1x GTS4 R33 coupe that is mechanically sound but heavily crash damaged). I also have an...
  13. R32 Brake problems after swap to GTR

    So I have a daily driven 89 Skyline GTE (no ABS) that I swapped to 5 lug hubs and R32 GTR brakes. Im using freshly turned OEM rotors, new Hawk ceramic pads and steel braid lines. At first I just used the stock GTE booster and master cylinder. After I fully bled the system and took it out to bed...
  14. r32 gtr is sluggish from 4000 rpm :(

    Tuning, Technical Questions
    Hi guys apologies if this has been covered before..... I have searched for weeks and pulled up similar cases but not the same as mine. I have recently bought a 1992 r32 gtr. Mods as far as im aware are : kakimoto ecu k&n pod filters cat back 3" exhaust with cat removed My problems are car...
  15. R33 GTR FOR SALE

    Anyone know the car? > Nissan skyline R33 GTR For Sale in Wicklow : ?12,000 - I seen photos of it on here >> owner was SpainR33?? It seems a good car, will have NCT soon also
  16. R35 GTR full carbon Naca Vents ending soon

    Fully Loaded Cars
    We have some of our full carbon autoclaved Naca Vents ending soon on EBay.
  17. My R32 GTR

    Projects and Restorations
    My 1993 V-Spec Silver GTR build (and more) History I am the second owner of this car since it was imported and the third since it was purchased. When my car was imported to Canada two years ago by a mate in a different province he was hoping to have a nice little car. His wife got preggers and...
  18. Look what's popped in for Respray!

    Fully Loaded Cars
    Customer just dropped off his GTR for a candy respray. Love these cars, such presence!
  19. R33 GTR & GTS/T body differences?

    Exterior & Interior Modifications
    Is there a lot of difference in body size between the GTR and the GTS/T's? I'm after some parts for my GTR (undertray and wheel arch cover, in Parts wanted) and have been offered GTS/T bits. Will these fit? Cheers in advance guys for your help.
  20. R33 GTR undertray and...

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a replacement undertray and wheel arch cover for drivers side. will consider new or from breaking.