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  1. R33 GTR undertray and...

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a replacement undertray and wheel arch cover for drivers side. will consider new or from breaking.

    Hey guys im looking to change my front bumper cover. I have a 1993 R33 GTST an I was wondering if the 1994 R33 GTR bumper would fit. Or if anyone else has a suggestion id really appreciate it! I am seeing a lot of R33 bumper styles but they say they will only fit 95-99 skylines.. will these fit...
  3. R33 GTR brakes/hubs on GTS25

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if R33 GTR brakes and hubs would fit directly onto a GTS25 (non turbo)? I'm looking at doing a 5 stud conversion and big brake conversion and was thinking about using the GTR Brembos, would it be as straight forward using the GTST brakes? Also would a rear diff fit...
  4. R33 GTR/GTs parts must go!

    Parts for Sale
    Hi I need these gone as I have no space to store them at my new house. 2x white door mirrors in good working order £65.00 delivered uk 1 black drivers door mirror in good working order £40.00 delivered uk 1x pair GTR front lower suspension arms blasted & in silver. £60.00 delivered uk 1x...
  5. ****WANTED !! >>> "GTR BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR" !!?****

    Parts Wanted
    Hi as the title suggest's : I am after a GTR Brake fluid reservoir to fit in my GTS.. :attention: Hope someone can help :) Many Thanks Martin :cheers:
  6. ****WANTED !! >>> "GTR BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR" !!?****

    Parts Wanted
    Hi as the title suggest's : I am after a GTR Brake fluid reservoir to fit in my GTS.. :attention: Hope someone can help :) Many Thanks Martin :cheers:
  7. Dash Dial's Interchangeable ???

    Hi, I currently have a R33 GTS (RB20E) AUTOMATIC ..with GTS Dials (speedometer, petrol etc..) But eventually I plan to upgrade to a GTS-T AUTOMATIC engine... :attention: *********************************NOOB QUESTION'S********************************** ***Will GTS dials be fine if I upgrade...
  8. R33 GTR gearbox

    Parts for Sale
    Hi Time to get this out of my shed ready to moved house. it was bought from Skyline part as a good spare box for my car but never got used! £400.00 ovno collection only or you arrange carrier. regards Martyn

    Parts Wanted
    Hi, as happy as I am with the wheels I have got ready to go on after the 5 stud hub conversion.. (do need a refurb) .. I would like to swap them for some GTR Rota 18's with tyres.. My wheels 17's defo need some TLC but they are quite deep dished and will suit the SKYLINE well, But I really...
  10. R33 GTR ECU?

    Hi guys Just been reading some of an old thread about upgrading the R33 ECU. Some interesting points but I figured as the thread is three years old things have moved along since...? So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! She is currently running 409hp. Not as per my signature -...
  11. SALE - Apexi PFC for R33 / R32 GTR with commander

    Parts for Sale
    SALE - Apexi PFC for R33 / R32 GTR with commander + datalogit + software! SOLD !! I have an Apexi PFC (currently in my car, running and tuned) with Commander for sale. Added to this is now the Datalogit box as well as the software. This is a bundle deal as such will not be split. Sorry. The...
  12. AEM V2 Plug and Play Engine Management 30-6620

    does anyone have one for sell? or any other good EMS systems. my apexi FC isnt cutting it anymore. i need to run atleast 2.5 bar:attention:
  13. GTR33 brakes overheat problem

    Gents this is my first ever thread..i got used of this website ALOT..thanx to every one so i worked hard to buy my first car ever..which is skyline R32 GTS :) and started to wotk on it, first thing i put new engine ( its2JZ-GTE ):werd: i know ! now i have this brakes problem..i did R33 GTR...
  14. R34 parts for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Hi all, this is a bit of a feeler and I have been away from the community for a little while so if the details prices etc are way off please let me know, R34gtt standard boot lid in white together with standard spoiler did have a bit of surface rust around 3rd brake light which was treated long...
  15. Help me please :-)

    I have just binned my R33 front end :-( I need a new reo/crash bar but i'm having a few issues with finding what i want, I have the GTR bumper on my car and the GTR crash bar (now bent out of shape) I was wondering if the regular support bar would infact support the bumper or do i need the GTR...
  16. NEW DESIGN! R33 GTS +25mm Front Fenders £199.99 delivered!

    Knight Racer
    We have these BRAND NEW DESIGN R33 GTS +25mm "GTR style" front fenders for R33 GTS/GTSt fitment. These have been developed using genuine Nissan ECR33 wings and our factory takes a 1st hand mould to ensure 100% perfect fitment everytime! OR YOUR MONEY BACK! ONLY £199.99 ALL IN...
  17. New R33/R34 GTR Coolant Hoses from JS Performance

    Hi All, Now available form JS Performance R33/R34 GTR Coolant hoses available in 9 colours Price £64.95 + £5.00 postage sent via Royal Mail signed for At the moment these are on an order basis until we can get stocks in. Lead time from ordering 10 days. cheers Samy
  18. buying a car

    I was looking at a car for sale and the guy who has the car has not got his name on the log book, now the car is not reported as stolen, ,so Im wondering what he has to do so that I can buy the car from him legally and legit, all help appreciated
  19. Wheel refurb!

    Knight Racer
    Has anyone seen a set of GTR alloy wheels like these? Currently being refurbed in house for a customer.... more photos to come..
  20. 2x stock Garrett TURBOS for RB26DETT MINT Low Miles

    Knight Racer
    Got a pair of these excellent condition only 40k miles usage. Off an R32 GTR Garrett T28 TE2701 turbine RB26DETT Turbo Identification number: 14411-05U20 T28 T3 Compressor Housing AR42 Wheel T3 Trim 50 Inducer = 42.51 Exducer = 60.1 Turbine Housing AR 48 Wheel T25 Trim 62 Inducer...